Women spend more than 5.2 million yuan in beauty parlors in 10 years: its not clear how the money is spent

 Women spend more than 5.2 million yuan in beauty parlors in 10 years: its not clear how the money is spent

Ms. Fang of Ningbo is over 50 years old. Since 2007, she has been in the beauty agency at 285 Zhongxing Road for maintenance.

At the beginning, tens of thousands of yuan a year is still normal, but since 2015, she has spent hundreds of thousands of yuan a year in this store, of which 26.2 million in 2016! The total amount in the past 10 years has reached more than 52 million!

Ms. Fang: I dont know how this money is spent.

Ms. Fang told reporters that she began to do beauty care in Corodantine in 2007, which was good at the beginning. In recent years, several owners have changed in the store, but every manager is very kind to her, and she has not changed places.

In the past few years, according to the normal beauty process, it will cost tens of thousands of yuan every year. According to Ms. Fang, later, the store recommended various courses of water supplement, various sets of micro-plastic, and sometimes took her to Hangzhou and Shanghai for examination and treatment.

Since then, the money has been spent like water. Ms. Fang said that she was in menopause at that time. The whole person was very anxious. Maybe her personality was also flawed. It was too soft to listen to the other persons good words. As soon as there is a new product, they will recommend it to me first, and I can not help but persuade them every time, and finally buy the bill.

Ms. Fang said that her mother suffered from breast cancer and had a very painful life, so she attached great importance to health care. Once the store launched any new projects, it always wanted to try. Over the past two years, dozens of credit cards and debit cards have been swiped, totaling more than 5.2 million yuan.

My familys money has always been in my charge, so Im relatively well off financially. But recently, my husband came to check the accounts and found that I spent so much money swiping my card. He quarreled with me every day and asked me to return the money. This day cant pass.

At this point, Mrs. Fang has a sad face. She said that many times, it seems that she cant help spending money herself, and every time the store breaks up large lists, for example, 200,000 items will be divided into 10 times, each time 20,000 credit cards. Over the years, more than 5 million people have been brushed unconsciously.

Daughter: Where does this money go?

Ms. Fangs daughter, Miss Zhang, told reporters that her mother was introverted and easily listened to other peoples persuasion, which led to spending so much money on beauty for so many years. But where did the money go, they still need to ask for a comment.

Miss Zhang said that she studied abroad all the year round, her father was busy with his career, her mother did not go to work and had less contact with the society, so she was induced by the shop and spent a lot of money that should not be spent.

For example, they sold my mother two sets of plastic underwear, the price is as high as 100,000, known as the French brand, but the effect is not ideal.

Reporters then consulted the same brand of plastic underwear online, the price in hundreds to thousands of yuan.

Also, they took my mother to medical institutions in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places several times for examination and treatment, but the specific effect is how, there is no result. Miss Zhang told reporters that the most important thing is that after each consumption, the store did not provide relevant documents and invoices.

To this end, Ms. Zhang printed out a thick stack of Ms. Fangs card swipe records. The name of the business spans Fujian, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places. Some of the names are Noodyne Trading Co., Ltd., some are Noodyne Beauty Art Design Department, and some are Ningbo Chain of Koodyne and Taizhou Koodyne Supermarket. The amount of each card swipe varies from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of thousands of yuan. Among them, Ms. Fangs credit card amount reached 3284649 yuan in the name of Fujian Kenongting Business and Trade Co., Ltd.

Ms. Fangs card swipe record printed by her daughter

In fact, we can understand that women pay for beauty, but where the money is spent is a confused account, which we can not accept. Miss Zhang also told reporters that every time her mother did a beauty project, she had to sign for confirmation, but when they went to check the historical records, the store said that there was no record, the previous records were not.

In other places where beauty is done, the account records of many years ago were kept at the bottom. How did you get here? Last years record was gone? How many times have I done it, and how many times have I left? Its all a muddle.

At this point, Miss Zhang is very angry.

Representatives of Store Legal Persons: Checking the Situation

Later, the reporter came to this Kernodan Tingmen store to learn about the situation. The clerk said that the manager was not there, and she did not know the situation. She had to consult the boss about many things. Reporters left contact information, hoping to communicate with the boss.

Shortly afterwards, Ms. Zhang, the legal representative of Kernodan Tingmen Store, called reporters. She said that Ms. Fangs situation had been understood and she had come to the store to negotiate, but the two sides had not reached an agreement.

We tell Ms. Fang that we can refund money for items that have not been consumed. But those services that have already been done are not refundable. Reporters questioned the specific amount, Ms. Zhang said that she was not clear, but also need to go to the store to further verify.

Reporters also asked Ms. Zhang again about the issue of providing bills, which she said she took over only a few years ago, the previous things are not clear, many details need to go to the store and store manager to verify before answering.

Up to the press deadline, Ms. Zhang did not further explain and explain.

Regulator: Illegal practice of medicine without qualifications

Miss Zhang also told reporters that her mother had undergone micro-plastic surgery such as hyaluronic acid injection in the Kono Danting beauty agency, and her face would bleed. They suspected that the shop was not qualified for this service.

Reporters from the Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau Medical Devices Department learned that there are two kinds of beauty salons, one for life beauty, one for medical beauty. Life cosmetology is only allowed to do general massage and other items, while medical cosmetology can be engaged in injection and other items. If an institution registered as a life beauty agency engages in medical cosmetology without authorization, it shall be dealt with illegally and handed over to the local health law enforcement department.

The relevant person in charge of the Yinzhou District Consumer Insurance Committee said that Article 22 of the Consumer Law clearly stipulates that when a business operator provides goods or services, it shall issue purchase or service vouchers such as invoices to consumers in accordance with relevant state regulations or business practices; if a consumer requests purchase or service vouchers such as invoices, the business operator must issue them. If the consumer asks for the invoice and the merchant cant provide it, it must be against the law.

At present, Ms. Fang and the store are negotiating on related matters. Where on earth is the money spent? How much can I return? We will continue to pay attention.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Ningbo Evening News