Five years later, Chinas economy is facing a comprehensive physical examination

 Five years later, Chinas economy is facing a comprehensive physical examination

The economic census is a major national strength survey. It consists of three periodic national census projects with the population census and the agricultural census. In another 20 days, the on-site registration of the fourth national economic census will be officially launched at zero on New Years Day.

The fourth national economic census is an important national situation and national strength survey carried out during the historical convergence period of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era and the goal of two hundred years. It is also a comprehensive physical examination of Chinas economy in the new journey of building a well-off society in an all-round way and opening a socialist modernization country in an all-round way.

Perspective of Chinas Economy and Finding out the Base of a Big Country

The Regulations on National Economic Census stipulate that economic censuses are conducted every five years. China has carried out three national economic censuses in 2004, 2008 and 2013 respectively.

The fourth national economic census will comprehensively investigate the development scale, layout and benefits of the secondary and tertiary industries in China, understand the current situation of industrial organization, industrial structure, industrial technology, industrial form and the composition of production factors, find out the assets and liabilities of all legal persons and the development of new industries, and further verify the basic situation and main products of various units. The output and service activities comprehensively and accurately reflect the new progress in the structural reform of the supply side, the cultivation and growth of new momentum, and the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure.

Five years after the last census, Chinas economic and social development has made historic achievements and made historic changes. Chinas economy has also shifted from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development.

In this critical period, there is an urgent need to find out the new `family backgroundand national strength of our country through economic census. Ning Jizhao, deputy head of the leading group of the fourth national economic census of the State Council, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the State Statistical Bureau, said.

Ningji Zhe introduced that the economic census is an economic inventory and a comprehensive perspective of Chinas economy. It is of great and far-reaching significance for us to understand the economic and social development situation of our country, accurately grasp the new features and trends of economic and social development in the new era, scientifically guide and promote high-quality development, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system.

Well-organized deployment census is progressing smoothly

Every way of thinking is precious. The economic census is a systematic project, which must undergo rigorous and meticulous organization and preparation.

According to the deployment, the standard time of the census is 31 December 2018, and the census period is the annual data of 2018.

Previously, 2017 was the preparatory stage of the census, mainly researching the general plan of the census and carrying out special pilot projects; 2018 was the preparatory stage of the census, mainly setting up census institutions at all levels, carrying out propaganda and mobilization, formulating and deploying census plans, and completing personnel selection and training.

Next, 2019 is the stage of census registration, data processing and census results publication, and 2020 is the stage of topic research for census data publishing and using census results.

The reporter learned from the Office of the Leading Group of the Fourth National Economic Census of the State Council that all the work of the census has progressed smoothly so far.

On the one hand, the peoples governments at and above the township, street and county levels and the census bodies of relevant departments have been established, which provides a solid organizational guarantee for the smooth development of various work.

On the other hand, the unit inventory was successfully completed. Since the economic census covers a wide range and has many objects, it is necessary to find out what the census objects are, where they are and what activities they are engaged in.

It is understood that since July this year, census institutions at all levels have organized census instructors and census investigators to conduct on-site carpet checks on all units in the census base book one by one, and the census base book will be generated by the end of December. This will be conducive to ensuring that the census target is not overlooked, and lay a solid foundation for census registration.

Survey according to law and regulations to ensure data quality

Not long ago, the launching ceremony of the 4th National Economic Census Publicity Month was held in Beijing. This also means that the census has entered a sprint stage.

In another 20 days, the census on-site registration will officially begin. At that time, the national census personnel will fully use modern information technology to register nearly 90 million census objects one by one.

Data quality is the lifeline of economic census and the basic criterion to measure the success or failure of census.

With the expansion of Chinas economic scale, the increase of economic subjects, the complexity of economic activities and the improvement of information protection consciousness, economic census also faces more difficulties, especially some census objects may have ideological concerns, unwillingness to cooperate or not to accept census, which directly affects the progress and quality of census.

To do a good job in census, the key is to abide by the law and regulations. The Regulations on National Economic Census stipulate that the object of economic census has the obligation to accept the investigation conducted by economic census institutions and economic census personnel according to law. The object of economic census shall fill in the economic census form truthfully and on time, and shall not falsely report, conceal, refuse to report or late report the economic census data.

The support and cooperation of census objects is the key to the smooth progress of census work, and also the focus and foothold of census propaganda work. Ningjizhao said that efforts should be made to clarify the significance of economic census, to clarify the rights and obligations of census objects, to enable enterprises, industrial activity units and individual operators to actively support the census and provide real information; to clarify that census institutions and census personnel strictly keep confidential the individual information of census objects, and that census data should not be used as a basis for any administrative penalties, and should not be used outside statistics. For any purpose, efforts should be made to eliminate the ideological concerns of census subjects.

Ningjizhao said that census institutions at all levels and census personnel at large should conscientiously perform their duties of independent investigation and reporting, resolutely resist all kinds of acts of interfering with census data, strictly conserve the personal information and business secrets of census objects, go deep into enterprises, self-employed households and other census objects to investigate the facts and report the number of facts, ensure that census objects are not repeated, and ensure that the source data is true and accurate. u3002

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of Xinhua