After the theft, the police record steal 10 thousand yuan police: the evidence is considerable.

 After the theft, the police record steal 10 thousand yuan police: the evidence is considerable.

If the thieves are aware of this, the police will be easy to solve the case.

At the end of November, Ms. Zuo, a staff member of Zhuzhou Zhongsen Eco-Park in New Town of Youxian County, went to the police station of New City to report that she had been stolen more than 10,000 yuan of cash twice in her company.

After receiving the police, the new city police station went to the scene to investigate, excluding the possibility of internal personnel committing a crime. In order to catch the suspect in time and recover property losses, the police held many research and judgment meetings, visited the area under their jurisdiction, and patrolled squatting spots. Efforts should be made to carry out investigation.

On the first day, in the control work of the Hundred Days Battle, the police of Xinshi Police Station discovered that a brand-new motorcycle had suddenly been added to Yimoufangs family. Yimoufang had been sentenced to four monthsdetention by Youxian Peoples Court for theft. After his release from prison, Yimoufang spent a long time at home idling, not doing business, and had no economic source and did not buy motorcycles. Ability.

The police then inquired about the origin of Yi Moufangs new motorcycle. Yi Moufang was in a panic and answered the wrong questions. Later, the police searched Yimoufangs home and found tens of thousands of dollars in cash and two motorcycles. The most ironic thing is that the police found a piece of white paper, which clearly recorded the specific time and the specific income. Yimoufang used the word stealing appropriately and accurately when recording.

A large amount of cash was found on the spot. The pictures in this paper are all public numbered pictures of Youxian Public Security Wechat.

Evidence for the collapse of the suspects psychological defense line

Originally refusing to answer, Yi Moufang had to admit the crime and confess it truthfully in the face of his evidence of making.

Investigation: From October to November, the suspect Yi Moufang repeatedly entered Zhuzhou Zhongsen Eco-Park by turning over the wall and stealing tens of thousands of yuan of cash and a motorcycle. Yi Moufang confessed to the facts of the crime.

At present, the criminal suspect Yi Moufang has been detained by Youxian Public Security Bureau according to law, and the case is being further processed.

Source: Youxian Public Security Responsible Editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841