Thai police have confirmed that a man who killed his wife in Phuket had bought a huge amount of insurance for his wife.

 Thai police have confirmed that a man who killed his wife in Phuket had bought a huge amount of insurance for his wife.

Zhang Jies life photos. Respondents for map

Zhang Jie, a 29-year-old Tianjin woman, was found dead and injured in a swimming pool at a hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand. Zhang Yifan, her husband, was identified by Thai police as a suspect in the killing of his wife.

The family members of the deceased found that Zhang Yifan had purchased more than a dozen insurance policies for his wife several months before the incident. The total insurance amount was expected to reach 30 million yuan. The beneficiary of his wifes death was himself.

On December 10, Tianjin media reported the murder on Phuket Island at the end of October. Families of the deceased suspect that Zhang Yifan killed Zhang Jie in order to defraud a huge amount of insurance compensation to meet their high consumption demand.

At noon on December 11, Pang Pang News ( learned from the Kamala PoliceStation in Phuket, Thailand that Zhang Jies husband, Zhang Yifan, had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Zhang Yifans father, Zhang Hui, told Pengbao News that he had not yet received a concluding notice from the Thai police.

At present, Zhang Jies father, Zhang Renjian and other family members are in contact with lawyers in Thailand. Zhang Renjian said that Zhang Yifan was suspected of defrauding huge amounts of insurance. At present, Tianjin police have filed a case for investigation and issued the Notice of Filing a Case.

Zhang Yifan, the suspect, bought a life insurance policy for his wife, and the beneficiary was himself. Respondents Map

A family of three traveling to Thailand, women drowning is strange

Parisha Hotel, located in Phuket Island, Thailand, is a villa-style tourist hotel. On the evening of October 29, 2018, Zhang Jie was found dead in a swimming pool in the hotel.

Before the accident, Zhang Jie and her husband Zhang Yifan came here to play with their daughter who was under 2 years old.

Zhang Jie and his wife are from Tanggu District, Tianjin. Zhang Jie is an employee of the Finance Bureau of Binhai New Area. Zhang Yifan, two years older than him, worked in banks and insurance companies. They got married in March 2016.

Zhang Jies father, Zhang Renjian, told Peng Mei News that his daughter left Tianjin Binhai International Airport for Thailand on October 27. On the evening of October 30, Zhang Yifans father told him that Xiao Jie was gone.

That night, in grief, Zhang Renjian called Zhang Yifan, his son-in-law in Thailand. He said that he went swimming with Xiao Jie that night and Xiao Jie drowned accidentally. Zhang Renjian remembered that he asked his son-in-law if his daughter had any trauma. He hesitated for a moment and said there was no trauma.

On Nov. 1, Zhang Renjian and his wife, who went to Thailand, saw their daughters body in Badong Hospital, Phuket Prefecture. Zhang Renjian recalled that her daughter had multiple injuries on her body, bruised right ribs, broken nails on her hands, and vague pinch marks on her neck.

I understood 78 percent at that time. Zhang Renjian said that he had stabilized his son-in-law at that time and proposed to go to the police station to accuse the hotel management. So Zhang Yifan followed everyone to the police station, and then he was detained.

A few days later, Zhang Renjian and his wife waited for the results of their interrogation at the Camara police station in Phuket. Zhang Renjian remembers that on November 2, the police officer came out of the office to inform his family: He admitted it.

Thai Police: A womans husband has been arrested on suspicion of transnational murder

On November 2, at the Kamara Police Station, Zhang Renjian and his wife met Zhang Yifan, who had been interrogated.

Zhang Renjian said that the police informed him and his wife to go to the interrogation room to meet and recognize people that day. His wife cried and asked her son-in-law why she killed her daughter. He answered, saying he didnt want to.

A day later, the police showed the family members of the deceased a deductive video screenshot of the suspects crime process. In the pool, theres a policeman who acts as a victim. Zhang Jies uncle Zhang Renzhi saw a video screenshot in the police station at that time. He recalled that the crime process showed that Zhang Yifan murdered his wife. He pinched her neck with one hand, grabbed her head with the other and pressed hard into the water. After Zhang Jie died, Zhang Yifan sat by the pool and called the service desk.

Later, after reading the autopsy report, we suspected Xiaojie had been beaten before she drowned and might have been in a semi-coma. Zhang Renzhis analysis.

The autopsy report of the Thai National Police showed that the cause of Zhang Jies death was drowning with multiple injuries, including bruises on both sides of the neck muscles and fracture of the fifth rib.

The case was investigated by the Kamala PoliceStation in Phuket, Thailand. At noon on December 11, police officer Zheda Shengsouri told Pengbao News that Zhang Yifan had been arrested on suspicion of a deliberate murder and was currently detained at the Kamara Police Station. As for Zhang Yifans motive and progress of the case, the Thai police have not disclosed further information as of the publication.

On December 11, Peng Mei News called the Consular Department of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand. Staff members said they had no specific information on the case. A Thai female staff member of the Consulate General of China in Songka in Phuket told Peng Mei News that the case had been reported to the Chinese Consulate General in Songka, and it was not convenient to disclose more information.

Behind the homicide: The suspect had bought a huge amount of insurance for his wife, and he was the beneficiary.

At present, Zhang Yifan has been identified by Thai police as a suspect in the murder of his wife. If the facts of the crime are finally verified, the question arises: Why did he murder his wife who had been married for only two years?

In the view of Wang Wenyi, Zhang Jies cousin, Zhang Jie and his wife feel very good after marriage, and Zhang Yifan is more considerate to his wife.

Family conditions are all right for both parties. They have no worries about food or clothing. Wang Wenyi said that Zhang Jie, his cousin, was a human being and stayed at home after work to take care of the children. Zhang usually asked his wife to be warm and busy.

Before Zhang Yifan went to Thailand on October 29, he went to Wang Wenyis house to borrow boxes. Wang Wenyi remembers that Zhang Yifan talked to him about the low salary of working in the bank. Later we learned that he resigned from the bank last year.

He wore patched autumn trousers on the surface, bought brand-name bags on the back and went out to stay at the Hilton Hotel. Wang Wenyi thinks that Zhang Yifan has two sides.

Zhang Yifan, who usually behaves well in front of relatives and friends, is a suspect in killing his wife?

He bought a lot of insurance. He was the beneficiary. Zhang Jies father, Zhang Renjian, said that after the incident, they found four life insurance policies at their son-in-laws home, which were purchased in June and September of this year. The insured were Zhang Jie, and the beneficiaries of the death of the insured were Zhang Yifan, with a total insurance value of 17.16 million yuan.

The police are still investigating more than a dozen other insurance policies, with an estimated total of 30 million. Zhang Renjian said that they later checked Zhang Yifans credit card consumption records and found that his life was luxurious, with many records of rewarding webmasters. Zhang Renjian and others suspect that Zhang Yifan killed Zhang Jie in order to defraud a huge amount of insurance compensation to meet his high consumption demand.

Therefore, Zhang Renjian reported Zhang Yifans fraud to the police. According to the Notice of Case filing issued by Tanggu Branch of Tianjin Binhai New District Public Security Bureau, Zhang Renjians case of fraud was investigated as a criminal case on December 3.

In early November, Zhang Jies body was transported back from Thailand to Tianjin for cremation and burial. At present, their families are in contact with local lawyers in Thailand.

On December 11, Zhang Yifans father, Zhang Hui, told Pengbao News that after the incident, he had made moral compensation to his family of nearly 3 million yuan, including houses, cemeteries and pensions.

Zhang Hui said that he is still waiting for the final investigation conclusion of Thai police, If my son commits a crime, he will be punished by law.

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