Dog legs were frozen in the river, lying on the ice, crying and rescue workers planed the ice to rescue them.

 Dog legs were frozen in the river, lying on the ice, crying and rescue workers planed the ice to rescue them.

Rescue workers finally rescued the big dog ashore. Rescue team for map

For some reason, a big dog lay on the ice and dared not move. He shouted as if he were crying for help. Seeing this, the rescue team pushed the raft, took picks and carefully came to the dogs distress place, and successfully carried the dog to shore in the raft.

Yang Chunxiao, leader of the Blue Sky Rescue Team in Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, said Sunday that rescue teams and firefighters worked closely together to rescue frozen dogs from the glacier after several efforts in the spirit of reverence for life.

At 9:00 on December 8, Yang Chunxiao received a phone call from his teammate saying that he saw a dog lying on the ice near the Longwan Business Hotel in Jianchang Water Park, and from time to time uttered a sad howl. It was very likely that he could not get out of danger.

All life is awesome. Yang Chunxiao called five teammates, and they prepared a raft, ice breaker, rope and pickaxe, and soon arrived near the scene. At the same time, several firefighters received information and rushed to the rescue.

Viewed on the spot, a rhubarb dog lies in the middle of the river course of the water park, about 200 meters away from the bank, howling from time to time. Rescue workers tried to shave the ice on the east side of the river with picks, but the ice was thick. After careful study, we have reached a consensus that it is early winter and the shore is shallow and frozen. The water in the river may not be deep enough. In order to be safe, we decided to take the raft to rescue.

On their way to the rescue front line, two rescuers occasionally tried to test the hardness of the ice surface. They pushed the boat half squat and leaned inward to prevent the body from jumping out of the water in time and climbing onto the boat when suddenly falling into the water. Other rescuers grabbed the rope at the shore to ensure safety.

A few minutes later, rescuers came to the big dog and found that the dog was bigger, weighing at least 20 kilograms. Its yellow and black hair was fluffy and erect. Its lower limbs and tail were frozen in the ice. No matter how hard they tried, they could not get away by themselves. Rescuers used picks to slice the ice beneath the dog as they soothed it, so that the frozen part of the dog gradually broke away from the frozen part. After efforts, they finally slowly made the dog into an epithelial raft.

At the same time, rescuers pulled the rope connecting the raft, and soon rescuers brought the dog to shore safely. The dog wagged its head and tail and acted as if it were showing gratitude to rescuers.

At this moment, many people gathered on the shore. Some people speculated that the dogs peddled in the nearby dog market had escaped and jumped into the water park in a hurry. The dogs legs and tails were trapped in the ice because of the cold weather.

Source: Liaoshen Evening News Responsible Editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841