The official is known as Director of Orchid: bribery of 350,000 orchids is worth 200,000

 The official is known as Director of Orchid: bribery of 350,000 orchids is worth 200,000

Party members and cadres should not only cultivate positive interests and hobbies, away from low-level interests, but also be good to a certain extent, so as to prevent the loss of will in play. As for the hobbies of leading cadres, some people are deeply familiar with not afraid of Leadersprinciples, but afraid of Leaders hobbies. They are always waiting for opportunities. Some leading cadres are willing to be hunted from plaything to despair. Finally, they openly ask for bribes in the name of good. Behind elegant good, a track of bribery is drawn.

Orchid addiction, even playful despair

Fascinated with orchids and playthings, desperate... Wang Xiaoguang, the former standing committee of Guizhou Provincial Committee and former vice governor of the provincial government, is the first middle-level cadre to be examined and investigated after the promulgation and implementation of the supervision law, the establishment of the State Supervisory Committee and the joint office of the Central Discipline Commission. It is also a typical example of the lost spirit of plaything mentioned in the circular. At the scene of the announcement of Wang Xiaoguangs dismissal from Party membership and public office by the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission, Wang Xiaoguang confessed that he had unstable ideals and beliefs, distorted world outlook, outlook on life and values.

Coincidentally, Zhou Huaqing, former director of Linhai Cultural Radio and Television Publishing Bureau in Zhejiang Province, was called Director of Orchid. Some people who want to ask him to help them with their work, take advantage of his hobby, and give him the expensive orchids purchased under the name of Yilan Friends. Among the 350,000 yuan he took bribes, the orchids are worth nearly 200,000 yuan. Zhou Huaqing wrote in his confession: It is he who raises orchids and Ailan, so that people with ulterior motives can take advantage of them, and eventually he is captured by orchids and becomes a corrupt official who everyone disdains.

Playing ball and fishing, willing to be hunted

I loved fishing when I was a child, and in order to spend more time in my career, I basically gave up this hobby. Wang Weize, a member of the Party member of the Health and Family Planning Committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, planted the fish pole. Wang Wei, who has not been fishing for seven or eight years, picked up his fishing rod with the company of his bosses and even appeared on the fishing ground during working hours.

Wang Ping, former Party Secretary and Director of Xiamen Industry and Commerce Bureau, loves golf very much. More than four oclock a day to play, to play more than two hours to go to work, many advertising business owners heard that Wang Heping is obsessed with golf, will accompany him crazy, and then through Wang Heping in advertising company settings, billboard location, public service advertising subsidies, the identification of well-known trademarks and other aspects of coordination. In this regard, Wang Heping, on the one hand, uses his influence to explain to Huang Mou, the former director of the advertising office, and Feng Mou, the former deputy director, to cooperate with the advertisement entrepreneurs; on the other hand, he leads these advertisers and helps them to get through the relevant departments of their superiors and collect thank you fees afterwards.

In the name of good, ask for it boldly

As long as within the limits of discipline and rules, there is no doubt that leading cadres are interested in hobbies. But some of the leading cadreshobbies are not so pure. They wear the clothes of elegant image, but use the hobbies of painting, calligraphy and photography as tools to make money. Li Chuntao, former vice-chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, was one of them. He used his position to sell his own calligraphy and paintings to his subordinates, which became a cover for power and money trading.

Just a picture! Wu Hongjun, former deputy secretary and President of the Party Committee of Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences, often demanded paintings from artists and teachers of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in the name of one wall is still empty in my family. He often went to the school studio to inspect the works hanging on the wall by teachers and students, and then he would leave the works of the whole wall, so he got the nickname Wuda Wall and One Wall. Many people reflect that the Wu Red Army does not understand painting, but is looking at the price of painting. Some people also fool the Wu Red Army. Among the 382 paintings it asks for or receives, some are fake and some are handicraft.

Borrow money to buy treasure, dream to make a fortune

Hobbies are good, but mistakes are beyond boundaries. Some of the items that have been demanded for elegance have great potential for appreciation and become cash cows, while others have become jokes. Wang Chuanmin, former member and deputy director of Shandong Provincial Food Bureau, was obsessed with jade and purple sand pots. While collecting them, he dreamed of making a fortune. He hoped that one day they would appreciate and make a lot of money. He did not hesitate to borrow money, resulting in the purchase of jade are low-grade goods; at the expense of bribery, all purple clay pots purchased were fake.

Hobbies should be moderate, not lost because of addiction, and need internal self-control and external force. On the one hand, Party members and cadres must adhere to the Party spirit and mentality, but not indulge in personal hobbies. At the same time, they should strictly distinguish personal hobbies from public power, restrain themselves from trivial matters, treat their friends with caution, and do not lose important points because they are greedy and cheap. On the other hand, the regulatory authorities should also put supervision in the front, find signs, grasp early, prevent micro and slow down.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Discipline Commission