Hygienic management of exotic flowers in university dormitories stipulates that one hair should be punished

 Hygienic management of exotic flowers in university dormitories stipulates that one hair should be punished

Student days, dormitory can be said to be another home for students. As the saying goes, dormitory is my home, health depends on everyone. In order to make the dormitory clean and tidy, each school will formulate a series of health management regulations.

Recently, some students have reported that in Henan Xinxiang Vocational and Technical College, the school has formulated a series of exotic flowers health management regulations, which has aroused a lot of dissatisfaction among the students in the school. The students think that the regulations should be stringent, or even pick bones in eggs.

According to studentsinformation, the school issued notice in the past few days: 1. No garbage in the garbage can in the dormitory 2. No one hair in the dormitory 3. The pillow quilt has the same direction and so on.

Moreover, every day, students come to check the dormitory. They use flashlights to keep all the corners of the dormitory. Their inspection is more careful than the college entrance examination.

Students also said that if the dormitory hygiene is not up to the standard, the school will deduct credit and dispose of the punishment. In serious cases, the electricity will be cut off at night. Who can eat if the electricity is cut off in winter in the north?

There are also complaints from students. The school also stipulates that meals must be eaten within the prescribed time. Once the time is over, there is no food to eat.

What is more difficult for students to accept is that they are not allowed to enter the dormitory during the noon break unless there is a leave slip. In addition, students are not allowed to return to their dormitories in the evening, and they are not allowed to return to their dormitories until the time stipulated by the school.

In the face of this matter, the reporter also asked the relevant personnel of the school, but the school side of the health provisions of various Tai Chi response.

Reporters asked the school logistics, the other side said that this is under the management of the student office.

Then the reporter went to ask the student department about the situation, the student Department said: We are the student department, you go to the school logistics. The reporter answered: Logistics let us look for your student office, this dormitory is under your control, and the student office said: you look for our leadership.

When the reporter inquired about the leadership of the Student Office, the leader directly said that he did not know!

In response to this, netizens have felt that the school is really idle.

Some netizens joked that the first-level schools should pay attention to academia, the second-level schools should pay attention to discipline and the third-level schools should pay attention to hygiene.

I dont know what you think about it. Do you think the school is too critical?

Source: Chi Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News