Female college students who have been trapped in pyramid selling: threatened and abused, forced to cheat netizens to join

 Female college students who have been trapped in pyramid selling: threatened and abused, forced to cheat netizens to join

She spent half a month in a two-bedroom and one-hall dwelling in Yinchuan, where she was brainwashed and planned for life with other young people who had the same experience. At the same time, she was often threatened and abused. In mid-October, after Xiaoxues lost couplet was reported by the media, the pyramid sales group transferred it to Cangzhou, Hebei Province, where she was forced to pretend to be working people and fall in love with Weixin rafting bottle or unfamiliar netizens on Job-hunting websites, and then cheat it in when the time was ripe.

Monitoring showed that many men followed Xiaoxue (the red coat in the picture) to Yinchuan Railway Station and took a bus to Hebei Province.

On November 1, after several days of squatting, Yinchuan police and Xiaoxuejia eventually found traces of pyramid selling gangs in a community in Cangzhou, and Xiaoxuejia, who had been trapped for one month, was finally rescued. The words spoken on the Internet are very beautiful, but you dont know whether its a dog or a person behind the screen. Recently, after a period of rest at home, Xiaoxue has returned to school to study, gradually out of the shadows, but chatting on the Internet has some exclusion.

Monitoring showed that Xiaoxue (the red coat in the picture) had appeared at Yinchuan Railway Station, followed by a number of men.

Occasionally, she would think of the Hunan boy who was trapped in pyramid selling because of the phrase Come and see me of online girlfriend. When he first arrived, he was in good spirits. After a few days, he would slap himself in the face and kneel down to call someone elses father.

The following is Xiaoxues self-description:


Last November, through the introduction of my classmates, I met Qin Shuang (a pseudonym) who attended a university in Ningxia, and occasionally chatted on QQ. Before the National Day, she invited me to Yinchuan to play and visit her part-time cosmetics shop. She said that if I felt suitable, I could come to work during the winter vacation. I bought a train ticket from Lanzhou to Yinchuan on October 1st and a return ticket for the 5th. When I arrived at Yinchuan Railway Station one evening, two boys came to pick me up. As soon as they met, they grabbed my suitcase and pulled it. They said they would share the house with Qin Shuang and live in it at night.

There is a wide road outside Yinchuan Railway Station. It takes only a few minutes to walk along the road to their residence. The room is not small. There are two rooms and one hall, kitchens and bathrooms. Womens bedroom conditions are good, there are beds, boys in another room to make the floor. On October 2 and 3, Qin Shuang and another boy accompanied me to play in Yinchuan City. Everything was normal until October 4. Around 9 p.m. that night, more than 10 people suddenly came in from outside the house - mostly men and only one girl. They are not very old and wear ordinary and clean clothes, but they are somewhat trance-stricken and wooden. Qin Shuang said that these people were her colleagues and accepted my mobile phone, saying that chatting with friends, mobile phone rings will be disrespectful.

Qin Shuang and two boys took me to my girls bed. One of them, Wang Zhi (a pseudonym), said, My friend has brought you in these days. How about you? I should know in my heart. He also said that there were two news telling me, one good one and the other bad one. The bad news is that you dont have time to play anymore. The good news is, You have to spend time investigating a business - direct selling, which will make you better.

I was so confused that I didnt listen to Wang Zhi any more. Yes, I went into pyramid selling, a noun once far away from me. When he finished, another boy began to scold me, saying that I had no social experience and was ugly. I dragged my luggage to leave and was stopped by them. Wang Zhi threatened me, saying it was better to stay and meet other brothers and sisters, otherwise so many boys will do anything, no one can care about it.

I was afraid, so I had to go back and listen to a group of strangers introducing themselves. That night, two girls and I slept in one room, while the boys paved the floor in the other room - laying a blanket, covering a layer of quilt, and more than a dozen people crowded together. I stayed up all night and tried to slip away in the middle of the night when I had the chance to use the toilet, but there were several boys in the living room, who did not sleep.

The return ticket was refunded on the morning of October 5. They forced me to wait until the 8th to buy tickets and said, We have to make a clear investigation of this industry. I disagree. Wang Zhiqi rushed to fetch a kitchen knife and asked, Should you cut your feet or hands first? When I said I had the ability, you cut me into eight pieces and lost it. When he saw me being tough and helpless, he said, This is a society ruled by law. How dare you cut down? But he still forced me to refund my ticket. For the next 10 days, I never stepped out of the house again.


There are people of all occupations in the house, such as cooks, construction workers, college students who have not graduated for two years or are studying, and so on. Most of them are about 20 years old. They are very young. They used to work outside and were cheated by friends or ignorant netizens. During the National Day, many people were cheated, especially college students. Of course, no matter who, what they were doing before, they have to face a strict class division: from low to high, there are five levels, namely, salesman, director, director, manager and general manager. Privately, everyone is matched by X (surname) boss.

After being deceived into pyramid selling, 2,900 yuan is paid and a business license is obtained, and then a salesman becomes a salesman. If he wants to be promoted, he must invite others to join him: if a salesman deceives two people, he can be promoted to a supervisor; if a supervisor deceives two people, he deceives two people, and if he deceives another one, he will be promoted to a director, and so on. The more offline, the faster upgrade. At that time, Qin Shuang was already director and Wang Zhi was director.

We are like a complete industrial assembly line products, which time point should do what is fixed and repetitive.

Every morning, I listen to several hours of lessons on industry knowledge. After class, play poker, have lunch at 12:00, staple food is rice, vegetables are very common, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, celery, radish and pickles. In the afternoon, there was another round of lectures. At 18:00, we had dinner. Then someone took them to wash their faces and brush their teeth. They lined up for baths. In the evening, people gathered in a room to exchange life experience, industry knowledge until they went to bed.

Xiaoxue was forced to pretend to be an office worker and chat with strangers. He planned to cultivate his feelings and then cheat them into pyramid selling.

People often talk about planning, dreams, but fantastic, such as how to do business, what kind of car to buy, what kind of house to build, boys will also talk about what kind of wife they want to marry. In it, I feel how ridiculous they are. I couldnt doze off for the first two days. By the third night, I couldnt afford to listen to the same words. But they believe that this so-called career can bring what they want - many of them have the opportunity to leave, but are willing to return to the house.

The room is not big, but it has a lot of rules. For example, we cant talk loudly, wash in line and so on. Violations of the rules are punished by eating three big pots - three large plates of rice, noodles or dumplings. The basin is not small. It can hold a kilogram of rice to make you vomit. Abuse, threats and intimidation are more common. For example, before each lecture, there will be directors who swear for no reason - these directors sometimes come from outside, I think, there should be their nests nearby.

I remember a boy from Hunan who was in a good state of mind when he first came in. He stayed for a few days. When someone spoke to him, he said a little harsh, and he slapped himself. When the supervisor asked him to kneel down and call Dad, he really knelt down and called Dad.


On the evening of the 8th, when I did not return to school, my father called to inquire. Wang Zhi did not answer. He hung up the phone and asked everyone to be quiet. Then he took me to another room to dial back. This is the first time I got my mobile phone after refunding my ticket, but there are two directors and two supervisors watching me. They taught me to lie to my family that I didnt want to go to school. Reading was useless and I had to rush out.

At the moment the phone was connected, I felt a little bit like crying. Many of my contemporaries in the village participated in the college entrance examination with me, so I went to college, which made my father very proud. When I told my father that he didnt want to read, he was very angry and sad. My father asked me what I would do in the future if I didnt study. Thats true. Dont go back without my father. After the phone call, I cried too. I was so upset that I stayed up all night.

Because of their willfulness and carelessness, such a thing happened (into pyramid sales), feel particularly self-reproached, sorry for the family. Before that, I thought I was strong enough to go out if I didnt believe them and never thought about crying. But after calling Dad, he dared not disclose information to him. He felt desperate. On October 9, I also spoke to my sister-in-law by telephone, and was also monitored. Other phone calls have never been answered. The text messages to my brothers and friends were not sent back by me. They were sent by Wang Zhi on my mobile phone.


Late in the night of October 14, I walked out of the house for the first time, being taken to another place, further away from the railway station. Before I changed my house, I was forced to pay 2,900 yuan by Wang Zhi, Qin Shuang and others, which is considered as a formal entry. Nothing else has changed. On the evening of October 17, I was taken on a train to Hebei by three little heads, which, in their words, was a business trip.

When I was at Yinchuan Railway Station, I planned to shout for help, but I was afraid that others would think I was crazy, so I flinched. During the toilet break, I asked a boy for help, but he gave me a very strange look and left. From Yinchuan to Shijiazhuang, during the nearly 7-hour train journey, I also wanted to ask the police or other passengers for help, but I was afraid to sit on the little head left and right. On the morning of October 18, after getting off the train in Shijiazhuang, while they were still pulling their suitcases, I hurried into the crowds, trying to take the opportunity to run away, but was pulled back. They threatened to obey if they didnt want to die.

Now think about it, I regret it. Im too timid to have any opinions. Otherwise, I should have escaped.

Following a few small leaders, I traveled to Cangzhou, Hebei Province, and lived in a small community. I still lived in Yinchuan, but had a little freedom. I could choose not to attend afternoon classes, or even go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities in the evening, provided someone accompanied me. In addition, Qin Shuang, who tricked me in, knew that I would recite the Disciples Rules, and asked me to tell brothers and sisters some of them, saying that some of them were worth learning.

After a few days, I began to learn to work - trick new people into coming in. Qin Shuang gave me a new phone card, applied for micro-signal, and then taught me how to chat with male netizens. She said that we should first find out what this person is doing, slowly cultivate feelings, and so on to determine the relationship, and then use the excuse of hope boys to visit themselves or the company is in urgent need of manpower to deceive people. Some details are very important, for example, when asked about their careers, they are said to be doing logistics and clothing stores; 8:00 to 12:00, 14:00 to 18:00 should be working hours, during which they can not chat; morning and evening to say good morning, good night, do not want to chat, say tired want to sleep, do not show too deliberately; in unintentionally to disclose; Its easy to work and make money.

Chat objects are mostly shake a shake, drifting bottle and search through Wechat and job-hunting websites. They should be between 20 and 25 years old. Its better to be ugly and timid and introverted. Such people are more liable to cheat.

As far as I know, many of the people I live with are deceived from job-hunting websites. One of the boys was pulled in under the name of excavator. Xiao Hong, an 18-year-old girl, dropped out of school early at home and met a friend when she was playing games. Her friend asked her to come to Yinchuan to play. As a result, she went into pyramid selling. The boy of Hunan nationality mentioned above was originally working on the construction site, because the girls sentence Come and see me was deceived. There are also college students like me, a Guizhou boy, who doesnt speak much. He asks him how to get in, but he doesnt say anything.

I chatted with some unfamiliar male netizens, but Qin Shuang said that I was too simple to attract others. Another girl is particularly skilled. She tells others that she works in a cosmetics shop, becomes a shop manager, is recruiting, and cheats people directly. During the period, I thought about taking advantage of Qin Shuangs inadvisability to reveal my situation to the chatting object, but the people I know through shake a shake are abnormal - either because they are particularly short of money, or because they are not good-looking, especially introverted and self-abased. They have some shortcomings in reality. They seek comfort online, which may bring disaster. Theres a saying thats right. The words spoken on the Internet are very beautiful, but you dont know whether theres a dog or a person behind the screen.

On November 1st, nearly a month after I fell into pyramid selling, several supervisors in the morning suddenly said that they wanted to change their dormitories and let me pack up. When I got into the taxi, Qin Shuang was the only one who was watching - something was wrong. Later, something unexpected happened to me. The train went straight to the railway station. Qin Shuang sent me down and said that someone had come to pick me up. Then he left. I was a little confused and went to the entrance of the station. Within two steps, my brother suddenly appeared and pulled me. At that moment, I didnt recognize him, and the whole person was completely stunned.

That night, we flew back from Beijing to Lijiang, Yunnan Province, and the next day we returned home by car. My brother loves me so much that I dont want to talk and ask much questions. I didnt expect to escape so quickly, and I didnt know how to face my parents. I felt guilty.

When I came home to see my father, he gave me a look. I think he was still very angry. My mother was very happy and said nothing, but she hugged me tightly. That night, I slept with my mother. She asked me how I spent the month. She said, No parents want their children to have a good future, and no parents can give up losing their children. It doesnt matter if they are wrong, just change it.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841