Father of Lan Guifang Talking about Reform and Opening-up: I Know and Trust Chinas System

 Father of Lan Guifang Talking about Reform and Opening-up: I Know and Trust Chinas System

Over the years, I have witnessed tremendous changes in this country. Unlike other countries, China has a different system. I know this system very well and trust it very much. It is very suitable for China and works very well. Under this system, I see that Chinese people become happier and their lives become better. Sheng Zhiwen, chairman of Languifang Group, told China News Agency reporters that he had personally experienced changes in Chinas reform and opening up over the past 40 years.

The 1960s and 1970s were the golden age for the development of Hong Kongs textile industry. This gives Sheng Zhiwen, who is traveling in Hong Kong, a German-born Jew who grew up in Canada, a business opportunity. He decided to stay and set up his own garment company.

In the early years of reform and opening up, many Hong Kong garment factories saw the advantages of cheaper raw materials and labor costs in the Mainland. Sheng Zhiwen also began to consider purchasing ready-made garments in the Mainland and selling them overseas in Hong Kong. In 1982, he opened his first office in the Mainland in Changsha, Hunan Province. In the early 1980s, Sheng Zhiwen opened a California Restaurant in Languifang. It was a restaurant in the daytime and a bar in the evening. This business model was quite creative at that time. Starting from this restaurant, Sheng Zhiwen gradually acquired the ownership of Lan Guifang and became a major landlord of Lan Guifang. He absorbed different bars and restaurants. The most famous bars and restaurants in Hong Kong were born in his hands. Heng Zhiwen gained the name of father of Lan Guifang.

Sheng Zhiwen was most impressed by Chinas underdeveloped transportation network at that time. Sheng Zhiwen recalls that there are two modes of transportation from Hong Kong to Changsha. They all need to go to Guangzhou. One is by overnight train for about 14 hours or by old-fashioned propeller plane for about 2 hours, but only three flights a week. Tickets are very difficult to buy.

Apart from the inconvenience of transportation, he still remembers the poor facilities. That was the last time I boarded, but the plane was full, and the flight attendant kept saying to me,Im sorry. But when I thought about taking a 14-hour train, my ghost face looked depressed. Then the stewardess took out a small bench and put it in the middle of the corridor. There was no seat belt and nothing. Ill sit on the bench all the way.

Despite all kinds of inconveniences, Sheng Zhiwen never complained or did not understand. He likes the friendliness of Chinese people and their naivety. When you see people being very friendly, you forgive a few minor problems.

At that time, they did not have much chance to communicate with the outside world, nor did they have much chance to see foreignersfaces. Sometimes I walk down the street, and some people even come up and want to touch my face. Speaking of this scene, Sheng Zhiwen still feels a little incredible, but he confesses, This is a very special experience, I like it very much.

Sheng Zhiwen said that this experience was part of his life and helped him understand the progress made by the mainland along the way. Many foreigners, even Chinese, have not been to China as I have. Over the past 40 years, his frequency of travelling to and from the Mainland has increased, and he has been experiencing the opening up and change of the Mainland himself.

He began to see that some men in the mainland bought their first suit; more Western restaurants opened; more and more high-rise buildings sprang up in the city; people in the countryside lived in beautiful small houses; technology such as high-speed rail was gradually developed...

Nowadays, the brand Languifang created by Sheng Zhiwen has been stationed in Chengdu, Hainan and Shanghai, and continues to expand its own territory.

As the chairman of the group, Sheng Zhiwen goes to the Mainland almost every week to have a look. He is amazed by the convenience of transportation and the intelligence of life. Its amazing how technology has changed China. Its making everyones life more convenient. For example, mobile payment is changing everyones life.

He said, I have witnessed Chinas reform and opening up, which is earth-shaking. I have witnessed history and become part of this process. It was these changes that gave me confidence in the future, and I even changed my passport.

In 2008, Sheng Zhiwen, who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time, gave up his Canadian nationality and took his HKSAR passport and home certificate to become a real Chinese.

Looking at these incredible developments and changes, Sheng Zhiwen believes that China must maintain its existing political system. I know that many Western countries do not understand this. They want to instill their own practices into China, but I think the Chinese system is useful.

In Sheng Zhiwens view, reform and opening up is to make peoples lives better, which is what Chinese leaders have been doing. Now that China is the worlds second largest economy, I absolutely believe that it will become the worlds first in the future.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of CNN