Media: 8-day poverty alleviation housing is not a security room but a prop for inspection

 Media: 8-day poverty alleviation housing is not a security room but a prop for inspection

Eight days later, without digging the foundation, the hollow brick main wall pierced a hole, and did not take into account the actual situation of poor families (Jin Mou 83 years old, her daughter suffering from mental illness), the house was built on a high slope... This is not so much a safe house built for poor households by precise poverty alleviation, but rather a prop used to meet the inspection.

Recently, the Disciplinary Commission of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, reported a typical formalism and bureaucracy problem in the field of poverty alleviation. After investigation, Du Zhengguo, director of Shunhe Village, Zhongping Town, Qianxi County, Bijie City, helped the poor people to build new houses. From site selection to completion, it took only 8 days. Du Zhengguo was also warned and punished by the Party for his speed of innovation.

As long as it can pass the inspection smoothly, it will accomplish the mission of poverty alleviation. As for whether the villagers live safely or not, and whether it is convenient for them to enter and leave, it is not within the scope of consideration of the functionaries. In other words, even if considering, in the value ranking, ornamental also takes precedence over practicality, looks very beautiful, which is enough to put the superiors off.

Such operation is undoubtedly very bad, the impact is very bad. For a precise poverty alleviation family, the new house not only fails to bring joy, but also fails to guarantee even the minimum safety. Soft foundation, hollow bricks and high slopes can only be built at the speed of life and death of a destroying house. For local governments, this is also an undisguised smear. Of course, the village director is in a hurry to take risks, and the resulting negative impact, but it is the governments back. ?

Why did such absurd forgery happen? For one thing, the pressure from layers of transmission may be one of the reasons why the grass-roots bluntly fake. As has been disclosed, in early February this year, Du Zhengguo heard that Qianxi Countys poverty alleviation work is to meet the national inspection and evaluation, so he rushed to sign an agreement with the construction party, requiring the completion of 60 square meters of new housing construction within eight days. The reason for setting 8 days is that the hard bar of inspection and evaluation is stuck there.

Moreover, the incident also exposed the unplanned nature of poverty alleviation at the grass-roots level. In some places, precise poverty alleviation is only in documents and slogans, not in real social practice. It is reported that Jin Mou received a state grant of 35,000 yuan for renovation of dangerous houses as early as early as 2017. However, because there was no labor force at home, he could not repair the house by the end of that year. As a village-level organization, it is said that the context of this matter should be known, know and no action, not to wait until the top to come down to the acceptance, had to rush to chapter. ?

Of course, such fraud can be made public, to some extent, it is also related to the grassroots cadres who feel the pulse of some higher departments. Simply speaking, only by being fooled, perfunctory and prevaricated can someone fool, perfunctory and prevaricate. Once there are more real people, it will really fundamentally curb fraud.

In fact, the orientation of the local Disciplinary Commission is very clear: it is not only a formalist issue, but also a bureaucratic one. It is precisely because of the existence of bureaucracy that many formalisms can be bred.

I dont know how to deal with this fast-built house locally. I would rather keep it as a living textbook of formalism and a living specimen of bureaucracy than take it apart, so that more grass-roots cadres can learn from it, look in the mirror and receive education.

Source: Peng Mei News Author: Siyuan Responsible Editor: Jike_b6492