Who Moved Wang Ruhengs Cheese from Absolute Main Strength to Team Edge

 Who Moved Wang Ruhengs Cheese from Absolute Main Strength to Team Edge

This season, Shandongs outside line went to Ding Yanyuhang and Sui Ran, Zhang Hui also reimbursed for injury season. In this case, Wang Ruheng, who was in his prime, was designated as the main guard by Wu Qinglongqin, Shandongs new commander. In the first six rounds, he came on as a starter, playing nearly 30 minutes each.

Wang Ruheng, a native of Jinan, played in Shandong for two seasons. He fell out with Shandong Golden Basketball Club because of contract problems. He later left Sichuan, where he won the championship and realized his life value. In the summer of 2017, when his contract with Sichuan expired, he refused many good intentions and insisted on returning home. Friends around him know that this shirt with the words Shandong printed on his chest has always been a complex he cant give up.

To be fair, Wang Ruhengs running and jumping ability is not the same as the shooter with open hands. He can stand on the CBA rivers and lakes, and naturally has his own unique features: as a 1.91 meter high guard, he has a broad vision, a good sense of rhythm, not the type of fierce attack. His technical characteristics are in line with Haddadis. He has performed well in the three seasons he played in Sichuan.

Source of this article: responsible editor of Shandong Business Journal: Ma Bile_NS4800