A 50-year-old man abducts a 17-year-old girl who lives with his wife and is known as a daughter.

 A 50-year-old man abducts a 17-year-old girl who lives with his wife and is known as a daughter.

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Shameless! A 50-year-old man abducts a girl and claims to be a daughter.

Its called father-daughter, but its actually a lover relationship. A 50-year-old man abducted a 17-year-old girl and lived with his wife and three people.

Netizens Tucao: this plot is too dog blood!

Zhang Mou, a native of Linyi, Shandong Province, stepped on the train home from Qingdao six years ago, but her family never waited for her arrival.

Zhang Mou was less than 18 years old when she was lost. Over the years, her parents have been looking for her everywhere. After many inquiries, they finally learned that the child is now in Li Village, Juancheng County, Shandong Province.

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The policeman who handled the case immediately visited and found that Zhang Mou was no longer here.

Originally, Zhang Mou married and gave birth to a child. After that, she was taken back by her father Yang Mou. She never returned to this village.

Yang Mou is from Yangzhuang Village, Linpu Town. The policemen who deal with the case rushed there again, but they couldnt find out. The relationship between Zhang Mou and her dad made the policemen surprised.

As we all know in the village, Yang Mou and Zhang Mou are actually lovers.

Subsequently, Yang Mou was arrested and brought to justice. According to Yang Mou, when he worked in Qingdao six years ago, he met Zhang Mou and had bad ideas.

At that time, Yang Mou, who was 50 years old, cheated Zhang from Qingdao by deceiving him.

After cheating Zhang into the house, in order to hide peoples eyes, Yang asked Zhang to call himself her godfather.

Police: What is the relationship between you two?

Yang Mou: Father-daughter relationship.

Police: But actually?

Yang Mou: Actually, its a lover relationship.

After cheating Zhang, they lived together. Then Yang married Zhang to Li Village and gave birth to a child there. Later, he took Zhang Mou home and lived together for more than two years.

What shocked the police was that Yang Mou actually had a wife, and his wife had always known his true relationship with Zhang Mou, but dared not speak out in anger. Yang Mou deceived Zhang Mou and three people lived together.

At present, the suspect Yang Mou has been detained by the police according to law, and the case is still under further investigation.

Source: Guo Ping_B7442, Responsible Editor of Chutian Metropolitan Daily