Media: Female Durban repeatedly forbidden not only to reflect on traditional cultural education loopholes

 Media: Female Durban repeatedly forbidden not only to reflect on traditional cultural education loopholes

On December 8, the media revealed that after Fushun female Durban was ordered to close down last year, this year female Durban appeared again in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. This time, female Durban camouflaged as parent-child summer camp, brainwashed minors, propagandized such dross concepts as not fighting back, cursing back, accepting adversely, resolutely not divorcing, and aroused criticism from the major media and netizens. (Peoples Daily, 9 December)

Women Durban has been banned repeatedly in recent years, and has gradually become a major social problem. It is very necessary to control female Durban by the supervisory department according to law and ban female Durban without legal qualifications for running a school. But at the same time, it is not too late to reflect on whether there are loopholes in traditional culture and education in our country, to find out the loopholes and make up for them.

In recent years, our country has vigorously advocated traditional culture education. Education departments and schools at all levels of our government have been emphasizing the importance of traditional culture education. In 2014, the Ministry of Education also issued a circular on the Guidance Program for Perfecting the Education of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture. It is a good starting point for the people to absorb the nutrition of traditional culture and strengthen the values in the new era. However, how to carry out traditional culture education and which are traditional culture education, but there is no clear content system. This allows organizations like female Durban to swagger through the market and swagger into the classroom under the guise of Chinese traditional culture education and feudal remnants.

In school education and community education, there is also the phenomenon of mistaking the dregs as the essence. For example, some elementary schools organize students to kneel and kowtow to their parents to promote filial piety, but in the form of kneeling worship, they follow the bad habits of feudal remnants. Female Durban is to promote family harmony and happiness, but it advocates the feudal dross of the idea that men are superior to women and are submissive to adversity. All these deviate from the idea of emphasizing personal independence and getting rid of personal dependence in modern society.

The reason why female Durban prevails is that it takes advantage of the anxiety of the masses at present. In reality, the younger generation lacks gratitude, respects teachers and stresses education indifferently, and is not good at dealing with family life contradictions. We want to find the solution from the so-called traditional culture. Some organizations see the business opportunities, so they sell dregs in the way of pyramid marketing and brainwashing according to the needs of modern people, while the audience is also in a hurry to go to the doctor, and they do not recognize dregs.

In addition, educatees in modern education also lack the ability to think. In female Durban, there are not only people with low educational level, but also elites who have received higher education. Tracing back to the source, it is the result of the influence of traditional indoctrination education. Generally speaking, most of the students and adults who have left the campus in our country are educated mainly by indoctrination. Although this kind of education mode is beneficial for the educated to master knowledge, it is not conducive to cultivating the educateds speculative ability. Therefore, some highly educated people lack scientific literacy, scientific spirit and basic logical thinking ability. They are even more easily confused by various masters than some low educated people. Therefore, the traditional culture education should break the inculcation education mode and focus on cultivating the independent thinking ability of the educated.

There is no mistake in promoting morality and traditional culture, but it is different from brainwashing audiences with distorted rationality and heresy. Supervisory authorities should strictly supervise organizations that carry the banner of traditional culture and education and propagate dross ideology. At the same time, the state should improve the educational program of traditional culture and clarify the scope of essence and dregs; educational institutions should innovate teaching mode, disseminate positive traditional culture and resist evil traditional culture; as the masses themselves, they should calmly face traditional culture and consciously identify and expose the spread of evil traditional culture. In many efforts, even if female Durban is ever-changing and haunted, it will not escape the eye of fire of the masses and the golden hoop stick of the regulatory departments.

Source: Author of Red Net: He Bobo, Editor-in-Charge: Jike_b6492