Woman spent 6,400 yuan to buy Apple mobile phone online and received two decks of playing cards.

 Woman spent 6,400 yuan to buy Apple mobile phone online and received two decks of playing cards.

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Women spent 6400 yuan to buy Apple mobile phone online and received express delivery to open it. It turned out to be two decks of playing cards (Source: ~)

Ms. Yao, a citizen of Guangdong Province, reported that she spent more than 6400 yuan a few days ago buying an Apple XR mobile phone online at a mobile phone store in Jingdong. She didnt realize that there were two decks of playing cards in it after the express delivery was received. To her dissatisfaction, after the incident, Jingdong customer service and mobile phone shop were unable to give her a satisfactory answer. What the hell is going on?

On December 3, Ms. Yao spent 6,438 yuan on an Apple XR mobile phone and its matching mobile phone case at a mobile phone store in Beijing East. On the afternoon of December 5, Ms. Yao received the express delivery.

According to Ms. Yao, the courier scanned the two-dimensional code of the ID card to indicate that it had been signed. Because Ms. Yao was in a hurry to pick up the baby, she trotted upstairs, opened the express while running, and returned home to find that the express was two playing cards.

The courier said she was not sure how the mobile phone became a poker card and asked her to find a mobile phone seller. Ms. Yao took photos and sent videos to mobile phone stores, and reflected the situation to the Beijing East Consumer Rights Hotline.

Ms. Yao said that due to the wrong goods, they could not use 7 days without reason to return the goods and other provisions, resulting in difficulties in safeguarding rights. She called mobile phone stores and the Beijing-East rights hotline again, and received a response that the incident was still under verification.

We are also contacting Shunfeng to verify that the video we sent here is normal, said the staff of the mobile phone shop. We need to contact Shunfeng if there is any transfer.

Jingdong consumer rights hotline customer service said: Sellers are verifying the express delivery, there is no result at present, will be as soon as possible to communicate with you.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Guo Ping_B7442