For a lipstick, Taobao in the Palace Museum and Wenchuang in the Palace Museum have been poked together.

 For a lipstick, Taobao in the Palace Museum and Wenchuang in the Palace Museum have been poked together.

On December 9, the official Wechat public number of the Cultural Creative Museum of the Palace Museum published an article, Palace lipstick, really come! Six kinds of Palace Museum national treasure lipsticks have been introduced. The pattern of lipstick infrared view comes from the clothing and embroidery of the imperial concubines. It is printed in 3D with fine texture.

For the first time, the Palace Museum Wenchuang made makeup across the border and instantly brushed screen circles of friends. However, the evaluation of netizens has shown a polarization trend. The remnant Partys sigh can finally be liberated from the nightmare of sticker tape, and some people are unable to match the color of Tucao. The shape design looks like a big brand lipstick, which is suspected of plagiarism.

Later, the official micro-blog of Taobao in the Palace Museum issued a denial micro-blog, all the makeup we see on the market is not designed by us, and also declared that the original makeup of Taobao in the Palace Museum will be released on Tuesday.

This rhetoric is organized like refuting rumors.

Looking around, the Palace Museum lipstick is currently only on the shelf in the Palace Museum Wenchuang micro-store, the flagship store does not sound at all.

In less than a day, the hot color numbers were sold out.

On the afternoon of Dec. 10, another article was issued by Wenchuang of the Palace Museum. Official Xuan cooperated with Huaxi Biology to launch the Palace Museum lipstick.

Attached is a news map of the 8th China Museum and Related Products and Technologies Exposition in November, which responds to unofficial queries.

A whole set of operations down, I am also confused, what is the matter?

Forbidden City Literary Creation and Forbidden City Taobao are not one, how did they tear up?

In fact, Weibo, Weixin Public Number, Weidian, Taobao Palace Museum and Tianmao Flagship Store of the Palace Museum, subdivided into many branches of Wenchuang under the Palace Museum, really look confused.

Lets make a careful distinction.

First of all, from the most superficial image, Palace Museum of Cultural Creativity is a more formal palace word, Palace Taobao, is a Q version of the image of palace dolls.

Search for Palace Taobao in Taobao APP, and set the top to match the official flagship store of Tianmao and Cultural Creation Flagship Store of Palace Museum.

Note that the Forbidden City Cultural Creative Museum in front of us is not the same as the Wenchuang Flagship Store on Tianmao.

Cultural Creation Museum belongs to the operation and Management Department of the Palace Museum. Its duties can be found on the official website of the Palace Museum. It is responsible for organizing the development of cultural products and gifts of the Palace Museum.

What about the Palace Museum Wenchuang Flagship Store? According to the business license of the operator of Tianmao Online Store, it belongs to the Forbidden City Publishing House. The Palace Museum Publishing House is also an institution directly under the State Council.

This also explains why the new Palace Museum lipstick is only available in the micro store of Wenchuang Museum and the Run Baiyan Tiancat flagship store of Fang Huaxi Biology, but not in the Palace Museum Wenchuang flagship store.

However, it is true that both the Palace Museum of Cultural Creation and the Flagship Store of Cultural Creation of the Palace Museum are officially owned by the Palace Museum.

And we are familiar with the Forbidden City Taobao, to find it, we have to choose shop search, it is Taobao certified enterprise stores.

The opening time of the store is also different, Taobao Palace Museum is much earlier, it entered in 2008, and Palace Museum Wenchuang Flagship Store is to 2016.

The microblog certification of Taobao in the Palace Museum is the official microblog of Beijing Palace Museum Cultural Service Center.

According to industrial and commercial data, the Beijing Palace Museum Cultural Service Center is a state-owned enterprise funded by 100% of the Palace Museum.

Look at the certification qualification of Taobao in the Palace Museum, which is operated by Beijing Shangchao Creative Souvenir Development Co., Ltd.

This company is a private enterprise, funded by three natural persons. One part of its business is to develop Palace Museum Wenchuang products.

To sum up, Taobao Palace is operated by Beijing Shangchao Creative Souvenir Company and authorized by Palace Museum Cultural Service Center to develop creative products and share profits.

As we all know, the style around the Palace Museum Wenchuang has undergone a major adjustment.

In July 2013, the Taipei Palace Museum launched a I know tape, which quickly became popular in just a few days.

Inspired by this, the literary creation of the Beijing Palace Museum began to change the old cold route.

In August 2014, an article entitled Yongzheng: Feeling like Im in the bud came out and became the Forbidden City Taobao boom.

Since then, Love is a ray of light, I really dont know how to hurt you, and so on a series of successful creative marketing are almost all from the hands of Palace Taobao.

It can be said that the image of selling sprouts, funny and grounding gas in the Forbidden City was largely established by the Palace Taobao.

On the official website of the Palace Museum, under the Wenchuang section, the flagship store of the Palace Museum Wenchuang and Taobao of the Palace Museum have direct links, which can be seen that they are officially recognized.

Only the Palace Museum Wenchuang Flagship Store is displayed on the front page.

There are also differences in the items sold, Palace Taobao mainly promotes Palace Dolls, as well as some daily items such as hand books, folding fans, luggage tags, tape, etc. The overall style is soft and funny.

Palace Museum Literary Creation is more elegant atmosphere, in addition to some around the literary creation, the business carried out is broader.

For example, the book publication of the Forbidden City, including the highly popular the Imperial Palace calendar, such as cooperation with the flying pig tourism, the sale of electronic tickets and so on, these are the Imperial Palace Taobao do not have.

Some netizens used the tactics of palace fighting opera to make it clear that Taobao in the Palace Museum is the eldest son of the common people and Wenchuang in the Palace Museum is the second son of the first generation.

The two families could have gone their separate ways, one focusing on cheap and soft sprouts and the other on tall and tall, each attracting consumers with different needs by their own abilities, and they are also at peace.

Interestingly, in 2016, when the official micro-blog of the Palace Museum published the information of its flagship store, Taobao immediately followed suit, saying that Taobao in the Palace Museum is Taobao in the Palace Museum, with a smile, and later deleted the sour micro-blog.

This time, too, because of the need for make-up, the field overlap, just bar up.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279