Mens bookstores wait 50 days for girls to fall in love at first sight and borrow money from relatives to live.

 Mens bookstores wait 50 days for girls to fall in love at first sight and borrow money from relatives to live.

Do you remember the infatuated man who waited 50 days in the bookstore?

Because he met the girl who fell in love at first sight in the bookstore, Mr. Sun went to the bookstore every day to wait for the girl.

For nearly 50 days, he never went to work, and he lived by borrowing money from relatives.

I thought that after the media coverage, it would be calm in a few days, and Mr. Sun would return to normal life.

Unexpectedly, yesterday @Pear video sent a follow-up video.

At present, the original video has been deleted, but the quick netizens still left a screenshot.

The first paragraph is a review of the past. Mr. Sun recalls his meeting with the girl.

In this screenshot, have you noticed his description of girls?

The lower body is a pair of flesh-colored stockings and the upper body is a yellow coat.

Should the probability of normal peoples Congress see the Yellow guard clothes first? And when describing a womans dress, she does not always open her mouth out of respect, which is flesh-colored stockings.

Then see how this Mr. Sun explains that he doesnt work:

I just want to say that work can make a few money, why do you work, why do you make money, and why do you support your family? Who do you support, right or wrong?

He also regards his behavior as pure love....

Passers-by say youd better feed yourself first.

Then something more magical came. On December 10, Mr. Sun came to court to sue the girl.

The reason is to find her in this way.


With his own indictment:

The plaintiff swears that this is the most touching girl Ive ever seen in my life.

It seems as if something has been lost, and then I understand that it may lose the love of life, the meaning of life, the meaning of the plaintiffs main bodys future life existence.

If the plaintiff cant find the girl in a certain period of time, he may accept the result of losing the meaning of life, choose to be a body that loses its soul, live and die like a living person, and endure the joke of fate on the plaintiff.

To be honest, this is the least serious indictment I have ever seen....

For this kind of lawsuit which is somewhat irrelevant, the Court advised Mr. Sun not to sue, even if the indictment was submitted, it would be inadmissible.

At this point, it seems that the matter can be concluded, but the following screenshot is a bit of a thought-provoking.

In order to find the girl, Mr. Sun specially printed leaflets, which were distributed on the subway and on the street near the school.

After all this failed, Mr. Sun uttered a chilling remark:

In the eyes of many netizens, Mr. Sun is on the verge of extremity.

Many people are giving the girl advice: change your clothes and stop going to that bookstore.

Others came out and said:

Real infatuation, should not let oneself become better?

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Wang Zheng_N7526