Lin Zheng YueE: Meng Wanzhou only holds a valid HKSAR passport.

 Lin Zheng YueE: Meng Wanzhou only holds a valid HKSAR passport.

Lin Zheng Yuees response to Meng Wanzhous passport (photo source: Hong Kong 01)

Meng Wanzhou, vice chairman of Huawei, was detained in Canada recently. There are rumors that she holds three Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passports and does not use the latest passport at entry and exit. In response, Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yueh-e said on November that Meng Wanzhou only holds a valid HKSAR passport at any time.

On December 11, Hong Kong media such as Hong Kong 01 reported that Lin Zheng Yue-e first responded to Mengs Hong Kong passport holdings before attending the Executive Council of the SAR Government on December 11. Lin Zhengyue-e said that the HKSAR Governments Immigration Department had checked the case of Meng Wanzhou to verify that the issuance of his HKSAR passport was in line with the current immigration policy. Every time Meng Wanzhou was issued a new passport, the old Hong Kong passport had been cancelled, so she only had a valid HKSAR passport at any time.

Meng Wanzhou is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei. Lin Zhengyue-e said that Mengs detention had become a diplomatic incident and was in judicial proceedings. It was not appropriate to comment on the case, but the Hong Kong government clarified the incident in view of the concerns of some people about her passport and feared that people with ulterior motives would use the incident to cause harm.

Lin Zhengyue-e also said that if the outside world had doubts about the HKSAR passport, it would affect millions of Hong Kong people to travel. However, she also said that the governments principles remained unchanged and that it could not be expected to review cases every time in the future.

In response to the incident of Meng hung Wu, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang has previously said that according to the Nationality Law of the Peoples Republic of China, Ms. Meng hung boat is a Chinese citizen. Now the Canadian side, through its first court hearing, has clearly recognized that Ms. Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese citizen. In the case that both sides have confirmed that Ms. Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese citizen, it is meaningless that some people still speculate on the Internet. This is not the core and fundamental issue of the incident.

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