Green Media Talking about the Disastrous Situation of DPP in Taiwan: It has reached the critical point of being unable to govern

 Green Media Talking about the Disastrous Situation of DPP in Taiwan: It has reached the critical point of being unable to govern

Overseas Network Dec. 11, after the defeat of the nine in one election, how miserable is the current situation of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)? Recently, Wu Zijia, chairman of Green Media, responded in eight words that the Democratic Progressive Party had reached the critical point of being unable to govern.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper, Wu Zijia said that the DPPs current support, including Taiwans leader Cai Ying and Taiwans chief executive Lai Chingde, was too low to rule Taiwan. Cais satisfaction rate was less than 20%, while Lais fell to 30%. To some extent, such an authority has been basically unable to operate continuously. Wu Zijia said that although the Democratic Progressive Party still has a majority of seats in the legislature and rigid legal power, Cai Yingwen has been difficult to operate because she has lost the trust and basic prestige of the Taiwanese people.

Wu Zijia said that when Cai spoke now, the Taiwanese people basically did not want to listen to it. For example, the new locomotive compulsory ABS law, people everywhere in Taiwan would strongly oppose it, so some of her measures could not be implemented at all. Worst of all, Cais attitude after the nine in one election is making her prestige and support rate plummet, and there is no sign that this decline has weakened or stopped.

Taiwans nine-in-one election of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) collapsed in an all-round way. The Kuomintang won 15 counties and cities, successfully turning green space into blue sky.

In a commentary, the Taiwanese media pointed out that the election was mainly at the administrative, economic and democratic levels, and it was the peoples attitude towards the economy and peoples livelihood. The election results show that Cai authoritiesactions such as de-Sinicization, green terror, black and red, implicit Taiwan independence, confronting the mainland, referendum on the right name of East Austria are unpopular and doomed to failure. During these two years of painful experience, the Taiwanese people should have fully realized that peaceful development on both sides of the Taiwan Strait was good. Some of the performance of the Kuomintang is worth cherishing. The ideological priority of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is unhelpful, annoying and terrible. Thats why they voted so strongly. If the Cai authorities are still stubborn and persistent, they will be waiting for the greater tsunami of public opinion and the popular indignation, and Cai English will pay a heavy price for it.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310