At least 22 shots were fired at the scene of a sudden shooting in Taiwan in the early morning.

 At least 22 shots were fired at the scene of a sudden shooting in Taiwan in the early morning.

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Overseas Network, Dec. 11 (11) This morning, Taiwans Pingtung sudden shooting, reported that at least 22 shots were fired at the scene, no one was injured.

According to Taiwans United News Network report, about 2:00 a.m. on the 11th, a house in Pingtung County, Taiwan, was shot unexpectedly. The police went to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm call for processing and certification. No one was injured at the scene. After preliminary investigation by the police, 17 bullet holes were suspected to be left in the gate of the house, and 22 bullet casings were picked up at the scene.

Subsequently, the suspect, a man surnamed Chen, took the initiative to surrender to the investigation team of Donggang Branch, and delivered a long gun, two magazines and 10 bullets.

The suspect confessed to the police that he had a suspicious rift with the nephew of the owner of the house, so he went to the above-mentioned place with a gun to release his hatred and then fled. However, the suspect knows that it is impossible to escape the law after committing the crime and voluntarily submits a case to the Donggang Branch Bureau for explanation. At present, the case has been investigated under the command of the procurator of Pingtung District Procuratorate, and the project team of Donggang Branch is clarifying the relevant cases.

Just last month, gunfire came from the Chen Mansion in Pingdong County. A 22-year-old man surnamed Zeng in Donggang Town, Pingdong County, drove to Chen Mansion, opened fire at the gate and inside the house from the road, and then drove away from the scene. Police investigation found that the man named Zeng fired to vent his anger because he was forced to pay too much debt. Taiwanese media reported that at present, the police also did not rule out that the case was related to the follow-up of the Chen Mansion shooting case, and said that it would continue to conduct in-depth investigation.

Shooting is not uncommon in Taiwan. In 2004, the day before Taiwans leadership election, candidates Chen Shui-bian and Lu Xiulian were shot, causing controversy over the election results the next day. In 2010, Lian Shengwen, the son of Lien Zhan, was elected as a Kuomintang member of Parliament in Xinbei City. The murderer swaggered onto the stage and shot him in the face. According to the Peoples Dailys overseas edition, US news websites disclosed survey data showing that there are 4.6 guns per 100 people in Taiwan, ranking 106 in the worlds gun ranking.

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