Hilary, Indias richest married woman, took her daughter to the parade to sing Beyonce

 Hilary, Indias richest married woman, took her daughter to the parade to sing Beyonce

From left to right: Isha Ambani, the bride, Clinton and her mother.

Last weekend, Hillary Clinton and her daughter Huma Abedin traveled to India to attend the wedding of Isha Abani, 27, daughter of Indias richest man, Mukesh Ambani, the Daily Mail reported on Dec. 10.

It is reported that dozens of chartered flights have brought guests from all over the world to Udaipur, where the wedding is known as the giant Indian wedding.

The site of the pre-wedding celebration in Udaipur Oberoi.

It is reported that Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, is the nineteenth richest man in the world with a wealth of 43.4 billion US dollars. This is due to his role as head of Reliance Industries, an Indian oil and gas giant.

The bride and groom and their families.

The brides mother and her daughter, Rasha.

He is also closely associated with the Clinton Foundation, which has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the nonprofit and worked with the Clintons to develop clean energy projects in the United States.

When Hillary and her daughter arrived, the brides parents presented flowers to Hillary, and then Hillary handed them to her daughter Abedin, who was obviously a frequent visitor.

When Mukesh and his wife Nita were talking to Clinton, Abedin stood by with flowers.

Later, when the bride and her mother were playing at Swadish fair, they shared a picture of Hillary and her.

It is understood that the bride Isa Ambani will marry in Mumbai on Wednesday, but the celebration has begun at the weekend in Mumbai, during which banquets, singing, dancing and other pre-wedding ceremonies will be held.

Last Saturday, many top businessmen, politicians, sports stars and Bollywood stars gathered in Udaipur to attend what they called the grand Indian wedding. The celebrations will bring together two of Indias most influential families. Guests attending the celebration can learn about the event through an application, including a private concert by Beyonce.

That night, Hillary attended the Beyone concert in a long golden dress.

Hillary wore a long gold dress to see Beyonce perform.

Beyonce performed for the guests at a pre-wedding celebration last weekend.

However, Hillary did not stay long in India and left on Monday by air.

Hillary left India by plane on Monday.

In March, Hillary Clinton visited India to give a keynote speech at a conference in Mumbai, where she had dinner with the Ambani family at their 27th floor residence.

Source: Cover News - Responsible Editor of West China Metropolitan Daily: Guo Ping_B7442