Mens 150,000 flying saucer flight test suspected of illegal, civil aviation: without approval

 Mens 150,000 flying saucer flight test suspected of illegal, civil aviation: without approval

Wen/our reporter Fu Biao

Four turbojet engines emit fiery flames, weighing 80 kilograms of flying saucer slowly lifted off, reached the height of 78 meters slowly fell, the whole process lasted for more than a minute...

Recently, Shu Mansheng, a 52-year-old aviation fan, has manufactured no more than 20 aircraft in an open space of Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone for more than 10 years. However, the local civil aviation administration staff said that Shu Manshengs test flight has not been approved, so his behavior has been suspected of illegal.

Build UFO at a cost of 150,000 yuan

On the day of the test flight, Shu Mansheng drove with his own flying saucer to an open space at the intersection of Guanggu No. 4 and No. 5 in Wuhan Lake New Technology Development Zone.

It was raining and the ground was wet. My flying saucer had four turbojet engines installed, and when it flew, it would emit high-temperature flames, so if the ground was wet, it could protect the lawn at takeoff. Shu Mansheng said, The flying saucer I made this time has two modes of manned and remote control, but for safety, I decided to take it off by remote control.

With the sound of four turbojet engines, Shu Manshengs flying saucer rose slowly, flying in the air for more than a minute, and the highest flying saucer reached a height of 78 meters from the ground.

Shu Mansheng said that it took more than two months to make this flying saucer and spent about 150,000 yuan, the most expensive of which was four turbojet engines.

More than ten years of self-made aircraft

Shu Mansheng told Beijing Youth Daily that he was born in 1966 and worked as a farmer when he was young. Later, he learned how to repair electrical appliances, opened a repair shop and ran other businesses. In 2006 or so, I became interested in airplanes. Then I looked for books to see if I could make airplanes by myself.

In 2010, Shu Mansheng produced his first aircraft. Its a light fixed-wing aircraft with a cost of just over 2,000 yuan. He said. The first test flight, flying for more than a minute, was five or six meters from the ground. After taking off, Shu Mansheng was frightened. Then he loosened the throttle and hurt his calf when landing.

Since then, I have made more than 20 different types of aircraft, including fixed-wing and flying saucer-shaped, the most dangerous one, the aircraft flipped upside down after take-off, but I fastened my seat belt, so I was not injured.

Trial flight is suspected of breaking the law

Shu Mansheng admits that all his test flights over the years have not been reported to the relevant authorities. He said that the flying saucer test site is a test flight site for an unmanned aerial vehicle company.

Local civil aviation administration staff told Beiqing Daily that Shu Manshengs aircraft are relatively simple, once they fly to the sky, they may cause safety accidents. Shu Manshengs many flight tests, whether manned or not, have been suspected of violating the law.

This time, Shu Mansheng operates more like a large UAV. The staff of the Civil Aviation Administration of China said that the owner of the UAV must register in real name. If the registration sign is not implemented in real name and pasted in accordance with the relevant regulations, its behavior will be regarded as illegal violation of the law.

Source: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279, Responsible Editor of Beiqing Net-Beijing Youth Daily