Shanghai Media: The Top Eight Positions of the Great Power Gap between Shanghai and Guangdong are in jeopardy

 Shanghai Media: The Top Eight Positions of the Great Power Gap between Shanghai and Guangdong are in jeopardy

Do your best to prevent Guangdong from winning 16 consecutive games

Wang Tong shines as the only bright spot

Without Dong Hanlin, Luo Xudong and Liu Wei, the Shanghai Mens Basketball Coaching Team used a large number of young players yesterday in the situation of big score lagging behind. Wang Tong, Zhu Ying, Tang Zihao and Shi Yuchen and other players got enough playing time, among which Wang Tongs performance was the most brilliant and got the second highest 18 points of the whole team. And five rebounds, including four front rebounds, his enthusiasm and vitality on the court was the teams biggest gain last night, Before the game, we know they are the leaders, all positions are strong, especially the inside line. I think we had a good mentality at the beginning of the day. We didnt fear them too much. To play is to work hard for every minute. In fact, this is not Wang Tongs first match against Yi Jianlian. Not long ago, in the internal teaching match between Shanghai Mens Basketball Team and China Mens Basketball Team, they had a match. Wang Tong got 13 points and 11 rebounds in that match, but compared with the number one players, he admitted that his gap is still very big. Its just that they feel very relaxed and shoot very accurately. In fact, he has tried hard to defend, but still cant defend, there is still a big gap.

Young players lack experience, can only rely on the enthusiasm of the field to make up, but occasionally there will be excessive excitement, Wang Tong in the fourth quarter of a counter-attack dunk, accidentally pulled his left calf muscle, feeling okay, there is no big problem. For the Shanghai Mens Basketball Team, now really cant hurt. Zhu Ying, who played last night, covered his left foot with bandages before the game. His left foot responded after running back and forth continuously. Its still painful. Many balls cant keep up with it. The Shanghai native scored the first point of his career against Guangdong Mens Basketball Team. Theres nothing to say about the team losing, but its still meaningful to hope to win.

Such a big loss is undoubtedly a big blow to the morale of the Shanghai Mens Basketball Team, and the growth of young players must pay the price of performance, which the coaching team knows well, Young players are very active in playing, but they also make some low-level mistakes, or mistakes that should not occur. This is also a problem they often encounter in the process of growing up. Li Qiuping said that during the time when the team was injured and sick, he hoped that the young players would come forward, but at the same time he was patient with their growth.

This afternoon, the Shanghai Mens Basketball Team will leave for Shanghai to prepare for the next three home games. Their opponents will come from Guangxia of Zhejiang Province, Fuzhou Bank of Zhejiang Province and Tongxi of Jiangsu Province in turn. In the first two games, Luo Xudong and Liu Wei still have high exemption cards, which is a great test for the team. u3002 After losing to Guangdong Mens Basketball Team last night, Shanghai Mens Basketball Team has fallen to the sixth place in the scoreboard, two wins are different from the team behind it. However, if the team cant handle the next few matches properly, it will be difficult for the team to maintain its current ranking.

Source: Oriental Sports Daily Author: Xue Sijias Editor-in-Charge: Lu Qiuyang_NBJS7086