Lu Medium: Shandong a stubborn disease without medicine can be cured Xiaoding left the team sequelae how to treat?

 Lu Medium: Shandong a stubborn disease without medicine can be cured Xiaoding left the team sequelae how to treat?

The real climax of the game is at the last moment. With 1 minute and 20 seconds left in the end, the NC player hit the key three-point goal in Liang Liangs shooting, and NC will surpass the score! Looking at the reversal of a good lead, Shandong players were a little anxious, the offensive organization was somewhat confused, the ball was touched by the opponent out of bounds, Goodlock then rushed out and failed to hit. With only 10.7 seconds left in the game, Shandong could only send Jackson to the free throw line for a foul, with his opponent leading by 3 points in both penalties. Shandong can only fight hard to attack, Jia Chengs last two three-point shots were not hit, but swallowed the bitter fruits of the defeat. From 14 points in the last quarter to being reversed by the opponent, his reversal failed to succeed, losing to the third-to-last ranking team, the result is astonishing.

The fragmented fourth quarter became the epitome of Shandongs disaster level performance. When Zhang Qingpeng drew the score to 14 with a three-point shot, everyone was sure that the overall situation had been decided. However, Jackson, who has always been a nerve knife performer, suddenly broke out and chased the score with a three-point goal that he remembered unreasonable crazily, until the leading edge of Shandong Mens Basketball Team was wiped out. During this period, Shandong mens basketball team not only cant resist Jackson, the offense also appears disorderly, the local players hesitate to start, even 24 seconds violation. There were only 10 Mistakes in Shandong, but six in the last quarter; 16 in NCC, and only three in the last quarter. The more crucial the game is, the more timid the local players are. Passing the ball to foreign aid is always the first choice. Even if the pass line is strangled, they dare not make it easy. Ultimately, the team can only pay for the immature performance of local players.

If there is still a bright spot to look for, it is Zhang Qingpeng who fought with wounds. The 37-year-old veteran scored the highest 13 points in the game in his native country. Injuries affected his performance, but he was still the most stable part of the team. But the key question is, where is the second Zhang Qingpeng?

Source: Author of Jinan Times: Guo Jigang, Editor-in-Charge: Lu Qiuyang_NBJS7086