What are the criteria for Hongmao Medicinal Liquor to be evaluated as an excellent private enterprise?

 What are the criteria for Hongmao Medicinal Liquor to be evaluated as an excellent private enterprise?

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Recently, the list of outstanding private enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was announced in the media. To many peoples surprise, among 52 enterprises to be recognized, Hongmao Guoyao Co., Ltd., which had been deeply involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, was among them.

At the beginning of this year, Tan Qindong, a Guangzhou doctor, wrote the article Chinese Spiritual LiquorHongmao Drug Liquor, a poison from heaven, and was arrested by the police officers of Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia across provinces, which aroused public concern. Although Dr. Tan was finally on bail pending trial, Hongmao Drug Liquor has also aroused public doubts. Now, less than a year later, it has been transformed into an excellent private enterprise list in Inner Mongolia. It is surprising that such a rapid change of reputation has taken place.

According to the public information, the selection is to set up and publicize the model of excellent private enterprises in the new era, but at least from the past performance, it is very difficult to convince people that Hongmao medicinal liquor has entered the list.

For a long time, Hongmao Pharmaceutical Liquor has been suspected of false propaganda, exaggerated efficacy and misleading consumers in advertising strategies. Media statistics show that in the past decade, Hongmao Pharmaceutical Liquor Advertisements have been informed by 25 provincial and municipal food and drug regulatory departments for a total of 2630 times.

On the one hand, they are reported to be illegal 22 times a month on average, and the problem enterprises in the eyes of the public are spotted. On the other hand, they are big taxpayers, and in Liangcheng County, where the fiscal revenue is only over one billion, they can contribute 20 million to tax revenue and provide thousands of jobs every year.

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Although we dont know the criteria for listing Hongmao liquor as a model of outstanding private enterprises, we can see from common sense that Hongmao liquor is economically important or a key factor for the local people.

In fact, the reason why Hongmao Medicinal Liquor dares to fool consumers with the slogan of two mouths a day, live a long and healthy life and repeatedly violates the regulations in propaganda is that besides the lax supervision of advertisements in the health care industry, the over-utilitarian logic of local protectionism, or an important reason.

In the cross-provincial arrest storm, the local attitude of suspected preference for enterprises has been questioned, and the image of the government has been damaged, so we should learn from this. This time, before the substantial repentance of Hongmao medicinal liquor has not been seen in the outside world, the local recommendation of Hongmao medicinal liquor into the list of outstanding private enterprises will undoubtedly push itself into the controversy again.

The fact that Hongmao Pharmaceutical Liquor was included in the list of outstanding private enterprises caused controversy shows that at the level of local government, when looking at the growth of enterprises, corporate reputation and social responsibility should also be an important option.

Since it is an excellent selection of famous enterprises, the goal is to promote the high-quality development of private enterprises. Besides the contribution of enterprises, it should also be fair and impartial, taking into account public opinion. If even companies with controversial word-of-mouth can be easily selected, on the one hand, the credibility of the selection will be greatly reduced; on the other hand, it will also form a negative incentive demonstration for enterprises.

At present, the list is still in the period of publicity. It has not been finalized and there is still room for error correction. Nevertheless, we hope that the local government will consider carefully this time and further explain the selection criteria in response to the publics concerns in the face of doubts.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Xiong Zhiliang Editor: Fan Jiangguoyi_NN9138