Does the merchant sell suspected cat fur vest? Expert: illogical sensationalism

 Does the merchant sell suspected cat fur vest? Expert: illogical sensationalism

On December 7, some netizens posted that there were sellers who made fur from stray cat skin and sold it on the Internet platform. Netizens compared three kinds of cat fur vest with the same color cat. They said that they happened to find a platform selling stray cat fur, mostly childrens waistcoats of no more than 50 centimeters in length. Subsequently, a reporter from the Beijing Qingdao newspaper found that many stores sold fur with cat-colored waistcoats, some sellers said rabbit hair and some sellers said real cat hair. In this regard, experts from China Leather Association told Beijing Youth Daily that the statement of cat fur waistcoat is not logically credible. Some merchants who call real cat fur are sensationalizing. Making cat fur is not only economically inexpensive, but also not advocated in the industry.


Network platform is pointed out to sell stray cat fur

Someone caught stray cats and skinned them to make clothes! Netizens posting. After the poster was issued, it aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens said, At first glance, the stray cat is sold brightly! Some netizens also think that the cats fur vest in the picture is imitation. This pattern is imitation at first glance, similar to imitation of cowhide and mink fur. At the same time, many netizens said that they had complained to the platform about selling cat leather waistcoat shops.

In the commodity link provided by netizens, the commodity is described as cat skin with natural colors is made by deep processing. Because it is a natural growth pattern, it has the advantages of color-fast and natural pattern.


Many stores sell cat skin vest, the platform said that the goods on the shelves are not illegal goods.

On the morning of the 7th, a reporter from Beiqing Daily searched on a network platform with keywords such as cat skin, natural cat skin and cat skin waistcoat. He found that many stores sell cat-colored waistcoats, and that the patterns of cat skin waistcoat sold by different stores are the same. It looks like cat skin of different colors, and the brand name is also different. It is consistent with the cats fur vest in the online posts.

However, the reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that the names of these cat skin vest were often accompanied by the words rabbit skin whole skin and otter rabbit hair. Some sellers also said in the description that vest is made of otter rabbit hair real hair.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily asked at random about a shop in Hangzhou posted in the online posts. Its commodity name included the words cat skin natural pattern vest. The product is described as natural flower pattern, environmental protection and warmth preservation. But the seller told Beiqing Daily that the commodity is rabbit fur, a total of five colors. Subsequently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that the commodity showed that the expiration of commodities does not exist, and other cat leather vest on the platform has also been removed. Its out of stock. The color of the skin is not necessarily the same. The seller replies to the reporter of Beiqing Daily.

Another shop seller claimed to Beiqing Daily that his cat leather waistcoat was made of cats genuine leather. In the vendors video display, similar cat fur waistcoats piled up in stores, but the truth is hard to distinguish.

On the afternoon of the 7th, Beijing Youth Daily reporters consulted the platform for customer service. The other side said that before the goods are put on the shelf, the platform will audit the goods, as long as the goods passed the audit are not illegal goods. And for the cat leather waistcoat commodities suddenly off the shelves in the morning, it may be the stores themselves off the shelves.

Expert opinion

Not in line with logic, some businessmen flattered

An expert on fur from the China Leather Association told the Beijing Youth Daily that the statement of cats fur waistcoat was not logically credible. On the one hand, this view is not economical. There is no standard breeding of cats and dogs as fur raw materials. Making fur requires enough fur. Compared with cats fur, rabbits fur is cheaper and easier to obtain in fur farms. Rabbits fur and foxs fur are dyed and processed to produce higher-grade fur. On the other hand, most people do not use cats fur to make fur. It is said that real cats fur businessmen have the act of sensationalism. At present, there is no relevant legal provisions in China, but it is not advocated in the industry, or even condemned the use of pet fur as fur.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Beijing Youth Daily: Fan Jiangguoyi_NN9138