Media comment on the disappearance of the May Day holidays: its really possible to give people a good days rest

 Media comment on the disappearance of the May Day holidays: its really possible to give people a good days rest

The General Office of the State Council recently issued the holiday and vacation arrangements for 2019, the fourth of which is: Labor Day, May 1 holiday. This is not different from previous years, but careful Netizens found that the May Day holiday has not been reconciled, that is to say, the May Day holiday can only take one day.

This is because, on May 1, 2019, it happened to be Wednesday. Since the cancellation of May Day Golden Week, May Day has only one day off. But for so many years, it can always take a three-day break with the weekend ahead or behind, but its finally the turn of May Day to Wednesday.

A small long vacation disappeared in such a void, but most netizens were not surprised. They said that the small long vacation was not meaningful. In order to adjust the vacation, they disrupted the original weekend and work rhythm, and could not rest well. In a short period of three days, they could not arrange a decent trip.

Of course, a few people call for the resumption of the May Day Golden Week, but most people have a relaxed face.

First, the design of Golden Week is a little outdated.

The response of netizens shows that the so-called May Day Holiday may not necessarily be indispensable. Many people prefer this kind of natural day off. If the company calls for overtime on Wednesday, the overtime pay will be reasonable.

It is interesting to note that in previous years, when vacations were scheduled, people were concerned about how to adjust their vacations to maximize their own interests. This year, it seems that they are more concerned about the protection of overtime pay.

This shows that the design of Golden Week is a little outdated. The word Golden Week itself shows the philosophy behind this kind of vacation. The state arranges the vacation more from the perspective of economic development (tourism and consumption) than from the perspective of individual rest.

According to my observation, April and September used to be the medias advertising season, because businessmen believed that people would spend money on May Day or National Day.

However, in the past two years, peoples consumption habits have changed. Shuang11 has become a real consumer festival. Many people hoard bullets early and wait for the day to buy them.

Even offline stores have begun to organize their own promotional activities around Shuang11. This overshadows the Golden Week. Those who want to resume the May Day Golden Week just want to play for a few more days.

Even from the point of view of tourism, the Golden Week outing is difficult to call leisure, and the participants are suffering, but because there is no better vacation time to choose, people can only choose to travel in the Golden Week.

2. Poetry and the Far East should be a way of life arranged independently.

The Golden Week began in 1999 (initially May Day and November 11) and will last exactly 20 years by 2019. In the past 20 years, Chinas economy has been developing rapidly and urbanization has been deepening. Peoples demand for tourism and leisure has also been increasing.

The life style of shopping for holidays is no longer popular. Nowadays, city peoples imagination of tourism has been diversified, but the common point is deep travel and real personality travel. Travel groups are regarded as the lifestyle of the elderly, and young people are more eager to travel freely.

Of course, this is not the free travel defined by travel agencies, but the real free travel, to find the sense of freedom in travel.

This pursuit of freedom naturally includes freedom of choice of time. People are eager to have a longer period of free time, instead of being thrown on the highway during the Golden Week.

For urban people, all travel, in the depth of the concept, is to a place where there are fewer people. However, a crowded vacation can make this idea go to naught. Even in a place where people are rarely seen, it will become the main character of the paragraph Everybody is in the crowd in those days.

This arrangement also makes the scenic spot very difficult. In Golden Week, there are so many people who need to limit the current that they can not really provide quality services, and they are usually very cold. This is the fundamental reason for the emergence of various slaughter news, because no one usually comes, it is difficult to develop a sense of continuous service, so we have to maximize the benefits during the Golden Week.

Golden Week transforms every scenic spot into a railway station-like landscape. Not only can they not become poetry and distance, but they are even more tiresome than everyday life.

In 2019, maybe its time for us to think seriously about the system design of Golden Week. Like the May Day arrangement, it is a pure one-day holiday, but it can make people really rest for one day.

The best way to take a vacation is for everyone to have a longer annual vacation, but when to take a vacation, they can decide on their own. To achieve this goal, of course, depends on the implementation of paid annual leave. Only by enriching the right of individuals to choose their holidays freely can people live a more independent and relaxed life.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper