Zhang Shousheng Family Spokesperson: Professor jumped from a building to commit suicide. The cause of death is not public.

 Zhang Shousheng Family Spokesperson: Professor jumped from a building to commit suicide. The cause of death is not public.

Before reading this article, you need to know:

First of all, this article cant provide all the facts, but all the facts are well-founded.

Secondly, please distinguish between messages with cross-validation and those without cross-validation.

Finally, please respect the deceased, do not rumor, do not rumor.

1. Professor Zhang died in San Francisco. Sean McCormack, Professor Zhangs family spokesman, first notified me personally by e-mail on the evening of December 5, local time, and was further confirmed by San Francisco Medical Examiner. Because of the relevant regulations, the operator could not tell more details. There were only three kinds of information she could confirm to the outside world: Professor Zhangs name, age and city of residence. This is by far the most conclusive official testimony.

As for the specific cause of Professor Zhangs death, his family spokesman and the police respected the wishes of the deceased and family members and chose not to disclose it.

However, what can be falsified is the rumor that Professor Zhang jumped from a building to commit suicide at Stanford University. On the evening of December 5, local time in the United States, when calling the Stanford School Police, he was told that the rumor (probable rate) was false. The school warning that answered the phone told me that, generally speaking, the cases occurred in the school, they all have records. But apparently they had not heard of the case until they got my call. The San Francisco Forensic Departments testimony further disproves this statement. In addition, Stanford University is mostly low-rise buildings, I believe that friends who have lived in the United States and California should know, so the rumor maker asked for the most basic facts.

2. Professor Zhang died of depression. The news of Professor Zhang Shoushengs death was first known through an internal email from Stanford Universitys School of Physics. The signature of the email was Steven Kivelson, a professor at Stanford Universitys School of Physics and a colleague of Professor Zhang Shousheng. ) In the same email, I enclosed a statement from Zhang Shoushengs family. In the statement, Zhang Shoushengs family wrote: Shouchengpassedaway... After fighting abattle with depression. That is to say, before his death, Professor Zhang had struggled with depression.

In a response from Professor Zhangs family spokesman, he further wrote: Hisfamily ynowunderstandings and the Professor Zhang battleddeddepression periodically, asituation hisfamily did not fully understands and attributes the time. Sadly, we know that vent hoseclosure starts after nnotawareofalodos sstruggles. For periodically in this passage, I further confirmed it in my phone conversation with Sean McCormack, which can be interpreted as occasional depression.

As to when Professor Zhang began to suffer from depression and whether he had ever taken drugs or used other methods to treat/combat depression, Professor Zhangs family spokesman said in a telephone conversation with me that he could not tell. Sadly, we know that even the closest people are often unaware of the struggles of their loved ones.

3. Investigation 301. Professor Zhang Shousheng is a renowned international physicist and an active investor in Silicon Valley. He was formerly the Founding Chairman of Danhua Capital and recently changed to Digital Horizon Capital.

Some speculations about Zhang Shoushengs death suggest that he was under pressure because of his involvement in 301 investigations. Sean McCormack, a spokesman for Zhang Shoushengs family, also refutes this claim. Sean McCormack told me by telephone that Professor Zhangs death had nothing to do with the 301 investigation and hoped that the outside world would not associate the tragedy with the relationship between the two countries.

The specific meaning of the 301 survey is that friends in the United States can make their own Wiki. This is the annual report of the United States on intellectual property protection for protecting their own trade interests. Its publisher is USTR (U.S. Trade Representative Office/Office). The 301 report is an annual report, so it has been published and updated every year since its first release in 1989. Among them, the 2018 version has been updated several times. Danhua has been mentioned in several reports this year, marked April 3, 2018. However, I would like to remind you of the specific wording and reference here. Danhua was followed by companies like Plugand Play. Shoucheng Zhangs name has also been mentioned in later versions of this year. Please also read the original carefully. What needs to be pointed out is that 301 is not only for China, but also for many other countries on its watchlist, including many companies or individuals.

Finally, what I want to say is:

This article may only provide a very small part of the facts, but also a part of the family talk, but at the same time rumors are flying, I think it is necessary to let you hear the voices of the parties.

In his conversation with Sean McCormack, the first thing he said to me was: Thank you for choosing to speak directly to a representative of Professor Zhangs family. Thank him for his respect for testifying in person. Following the news of Professor Zhangs death, many telephone calls were made, including the mobile phone directly to Professor Zhang Shousheng, including the Palo Alto Police, Stanford University Police, San Francisco Police and Forensic Department, as well as individuals and institutions who had direct contact with Professor Zhang. Im sorry I cant do it perfectly because of time and energy, but I sincerely hope that every information communicator, including you and me, will try to verify it before spreading it.

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