5500 bats in Australia were baked from the sky at 45 degrees Celsius

 5500 bats in Australia were baked from the sky at 45 degrees Celsius

Australia ushered in a hot summer. Temperatures in Townsville, the largest city in northern Queensland, even soared to 45 degrees Celsius. The local meteorological department predicted that the hot weather would last for five months. Under the heat wave, Queenslands temperature also exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, and many animals were baked.

Philippa Schroor, who lives in Edmonton, Queensland, opened the door on the morning of the 4th and saw about 5,500 bat corpses in the front yard. The corpses smelled rotten. She immediately left home with her two children and dared not go home after five nights in the hotel. Shurol, who recalled the scene of the day, still had palpitations. Shurol said her home was surrounded by rotten bat corpses, like scenes in horror movies.

After investigation, the bats died from heat to dehydration. Bats sleeping upside down in trees cant detect the temperature that slowly warms up. When they react, their bodies are dehydrated and unable to move. They can only live and die, and then one falls down.

As the heat wave swept Queensland and bats were killed in droves, many residents were forced to seek temporary shelter. Many streets have also been affected, which has become a serious public health problem. Cleanup work has begun but progress has been slow. Fortunately, many volunteer groups came forward. On the other hand, the relevant units also launched rescue. Firefighters used water cannons to cool bats in trees, and wildlife centers rescued more than 500 newborn bats.

Other animals were also hit by heat waves. The koala was paralyzed by heat in the tree. Lizards began to beg for water from humans, and many dogs were licking ice frantically. Even kangaroos that cant swim jump into the pool or the sea to cool down.

Source: Cover News - Responsible Editor of West China Metropolitan Daily: Wang Zheng_N7526