Putin quarrels with Superman? DC New Cartoon Now Putins Image Attracts Russian Medias Attention

 Putin quarrels with Superman? DC New Cartoon Now Putins Image Attracts Russian Medias Attention

Russian RT TV said on December 7 that the latest episode of Superman Comics Doomsday Clock was published in DC Comics this month, which unexpectedly presented a new image: Russian President Putin.

In this cartoon, Putin is portrayed as aggressive. In response to the U.S. research and development of the Super Human Army, Russia also needs to build its own Super Human Army to retaliate.

What makes Putin so angry in the cartoon stems from a US superhero, Firestorm, who accidentally turned a group of Russian civilians into glass and angered him.

Subsequently, Putin appeared in front of the Kremlin surrounded by tanks and soldiers, declaring that he would no longer tolerate American lies and vowing to retaliate. He believed that Flame Storm was working for the U.S. government.

Subsequently, Superman appeared and argued with Putin (see figure).

Putin said to Superman, Enough! Flame Storm is an American agent. This is an attack against the Russian people...

Superman is respected and admired in both Russia and the United States in the gossip setting. He explained to Putin that the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding. Flame storms are not intentional. They can defrost into glass-shaped Russians by force.

Doomsday Clock belongs to the limited edition series currently under way by DC Comics, bringing the dark themes and characters of Alan Moores The Catcher into the world of Batman and Superman.

The series, which had previously attacked Russia, described a childs parents as poisoned by Russian puppet Assad.

However, the report said that the cartoon had a more favorable impact on the Russian leader than the prime-time U.S. news program.

Because the fictional Putin in DC cartoon is a reasonable person, willing to listen to Superman before ordering violence. In the fantasy of the American mainstream media, Putin is a devilish planner of electoral intervention, who controls everyone, including Trump. He was also the force behind the Western separatist movements such as Britains withdrawal from Europe.

Rose, a netizen, was surprised when she saw the cartoon: Wait, is this Putin?... The baby was scared to suffocate.

The netizen also joked, I never thought I would meet Putin and Superman for a dialogue, as if I didnt know how to live my life well.

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