Real Estate Advertising Getting Out of the Real Estate and Arguing Dispute Related Enterprises as Individual Behavior

 Real Estate Advertising Getting Out of the Real Estate and Arguing Dispute Related Enterprises as Individual Behavior

Real estate advertisements are too dew citizens question insulting women

Advertisements suspected of breaking the law.

According to the advertisement, the slogan Get out of the way matches other words, but only introduces the characteristics of the housing source of the project, such as the subway entrance, 40-90, etc. From the point of view of the copywriting, it is not much different from the common real estate advertisements. However, the pictures in the text were unacceptable, showing a woman with bare legs and underwear below her knees. And three logos are marked on the top of the advertisement. They are State Purchase Group, Beijing Commercial and Trade City and Leiyu Real Estate.

Once the promotional advertisement was sent out, it caused controversy in the circle of friends in the provincial city. Ms. Li, a citizen, said that the advertisement was too vulgar. The more bare pictures in the pictures revealed insults to women, which caused strong discomfort at first sight. As a parent, Mr. Xu, another citizen of Hefei, said that such advertisements would easily have adverse effects if they were seen by children.

Investigation of Advertising Suspected Illegal Market Regulatory Bureau

It is understood that the real estate project promoted by this advertisement is Beijing Commercial and Trade City, located at the intersection of Xinbengbu Road and Huaihai Avenue in Xinzhan High-tech Zone. In the afternoon of December 4, the reporter learned from the market supervision bureau of the new station High-tech Zone in the jurisdiction that they had noticed the advertisement and had feedback to the local market supervision office. The relevant law enforcement officers had begun to investigate.

On December 5, Yang Cebiao, director of Hefei New Station Market Supervision Bureau, said that in the morning of that day, the Bureau specially selected professionals to form an investigation team to investigate the enterprises involved. From the preliminary feedback, the company said that the advertisement was forwarded in the circle of friends and was personal behavior. Even so, Yang Cebiao said that as a law enforcement department, the market supervision bureau of Xinzhan High-tech Zone will strictly fix the evidence and thoroughly investigate the illegal advertising case. The content of the advertisement is too vulgar, which seriously violates the good socialist customs; moreover,the lowest price in the cityin the advertisement also violates the absolute terms in the Advertising Law. Neither individual nor enterprise can violate the Advertising Law. We will check it out. Yang Cebiao insisted.

The building is advertised with womens underwear drawings, which also says take it off to the end

Recently, a real estate in Hefei used a picture of women taking off their underwear as a promotional advertisement, saying that the lowest house price in Hefei has come to the end in order to attract the attention of the audience. Many netizens left messages saying that such advertisements are not only insulting to women, but also suspected of violating the advertising law.