How bad has Ding Junhui been this season? This situation was swept by the Rockets.

 How bad has Ding Junhui been this season? This situation was swept by the Rockets.

As a father, Ding Junhui has not trained systematically this season and played enough games, so he has not been able to find the feeling of competition. So far this season, Ding Junhui has abandoned almost all the matches played in Britain and only participated in the World Open, China Championships and International Championships in China. As a result, the World Open and China Championships stopped in the second round and the National Championships only reached the third round. After being defeated by Murphy in the championship, Ding Junhui stayed in England to prepare for the English Championship, but his performance was unsatisfactory after the start.

In this English Championship, Ding Junhui had poor hand feeling. He didnt even get a shot in the 1/8 final against Odonna. He was too late to find it. Besides, whether he was an amateur player or against Xiao Guodong or Odonna, his game was not smooth, he was too protracted to appreciate and often lost his side in the war of consumption. Xiang. Ding Junhui was influenced by his opponents slow rhythm in the 1/8 finals with Odonna. He made a lot of mistakes in the whole match, and it was difficult to win with one stroke. He had only one stroke of 50 +, which was obviously not enough for him to win.

Just imagine what would happen if Ding Junhui was in such a state to face OSullivan in the top eight even though he was lucky enough to play in the top eight? I believe that no one will be optimistic about Ding Junhui, but now the early exit has avoided a possible massacre. Ding Junhuis ranking in the world is likely to decline further after he failed to reach the top eight in the English Championship. His ranking so far is only 31st in a single season and only 6th in the Chinese Legion, which is obviously not in line with his status as a brother in China.

Perhaps because of the pressure of ranking, Ding Junhui had already signed up for the Scottish tournament he had not wanted to play before this English Championship, but once again he was unlucky to be in the same area as OSullivan. For Ding Junhui, it is imperative to resume training as soon as possible and get back the feeling of playing more games. Otherwise, let alone challenge OSullivan, it is not alarmist to slip out of the top 16 slowly.