How to become a national idol of Japan? Asthma from childhood feathers knot: for dreams, head broken and bleeding also do not resent!

 How to become a national idol of Japan? Asthma from childhood feathers knot: for dreams, head broken and bleeding also do not resent!

Looking back on the first 23 years of his life, Yu Shengs resume is absolutely dazzling.

The 19-year-old won the Sochi Winter Olympic gold medal, becoming the first Asian winter Olympic mens single skating champion, and the youngest Olympic champion in the history of the event.

Youth and fame did not make the teenager lose himself in applause and praise. He was polite to others and would sincerely answer every reporters question in an interview after the game, never perfunctory.

This is not a smart question - every teenager genius is not a story that can be told in an instant.

Unexpected start

Yusheng Jiexian was born in an ordinary family of four in the suburb of Sendai, Japan. His father is the teaching director of high school, his mother is a full-time housewife, and he has a four-year-old sister.

At this time, my sister had to go to the skating classroom every day to practice. As a heeler, feathers naturally came and went to the ice rink frequently. Mother decided to let feathers take part in skating with less possibility of inhaling dust.

As a child, coach Ichiro Tsukuba, who once instructed feather students, described the situation as follows:

Yushengs ability to jump and rotate was shown when he was on the ice rink. He was strong and flexible. He showed strong heart and resignation at a young age. He said,My sister can do it, I can do it. He challenged jumping and rotating decisively. At that time, I thought that if it went well, the child could do it. Its a world-class player.

Although the early show of skating talent and strong will, but Xiaoyusheng is still hard to hide the nature of children.

Teachers use naive to describe the feather pupils in primary school, this child is very naughty, occasionally bullying girls or pranks, almost every day to fight with classmates.

Feeling the change in his sons mood, his father, who has always liked baseball and served as a baseball team consultant, asked his son if he wanted to change to baseball. Baseball wont cost a lot of money. If he hates skating, he can give up.

Fathers proposal plunged Yusheng into distress. He faced the first major decision in his life. Ultimately, Yusheng decided by himself: I still want to continue skating.

Through the conversation with his father, Yusheng really made clear the meaning of skating to himself and made active choices.

Continue to adhere to the emergence of skating, gradually showing more and more strength.

In 2009, 15-year-old Yusheng won the World Figure Skating Youth Championship and then rose to the adult group, ranking fourth in the total score.

Perhaps she felt her mothers strong belief, and Yusheng gradually conquered vulnerability and fear. From then on, he realized clearly that I am not just slipping for myself.

In four and a half minutes, Yusheng fell five times, sweat mixed with blood soaked in bandages, and he still got up to continue his performance, immersed in the world of Phantom of the Opera, and sang with the hero Phantom.

In that case, we must grind our teeth and stick to it. Thats the knot of feathers. The critic thinks about what to do as an athlete, but I dont think Yusheng is a pure athlete. He has a sense of mission. As long as he stands on the ice rink, the option of abstention does not exist for him.

You look desperate, man in particular

You cant just jump around in your heart.

After the training began, coach Orser implemented the principle of no jump to the feather students, and let him start from the most basic taxiing practice. The coach thought that the feather students need to lay a good foundation, just like the foundation of the house, so that they can fly farther.

But it is this kind of re-entry that makes him progress, and when the speed of taxiing continues to increase, he can still take off successfully, which means that he is a step closer to the perfect jump.

Eventually, at the age of 19, he won the youngest Olympic championship in figure skating mens singles for 66 years.

After the Sochi Olympics, the coach discovered a new problem: the feather student was too addicted to jumping around and gradually neglected the other details of the performance.

The coachs worries were soon confirmed. Among the comprehensive results of Yueshengs 2016 matches, except jumping, the results of other minor events were significantly lower than those in 2015.

Coach Orser had a serious talk with Yu Sheng. He thought figure skating performance was the art of the whole. The performance between jump and jump, the coincidence of movement and music, the overall performance of body and so on were all precious parts of the performance, while jump was only part of the performance. You cant have only four sides in your heart. Jump.

Hayashi seriously considered the coachs opinions, reflected on his previous biased ideas, and renewed his understanding of figure skating. It is also this opportunity to further enhance the artistic appeal of Yushengs performance.

In the 2008 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, Yushengs Yin and Yang Teachers shocked the whole world and was praised by the media as performances of different dimensions and immortal skating. Little is known, however, how much effort Yusheng has made for the performance at this moment.

After watching Yukios performance in the movie Yin-Yang Master, Abe Qingming, a Japanese national treasure-class raving teacher, Wanzhai Nomura, asked him what his intention was to raise his left fist in the opening movement. Yukio was embarrassed to admit that I did as the teacher taught me to do.

The familiar music of Master Yin and Yang sounds, the silver plate is in the middle, the feathered gentle fingertips are magic wands. At this moment, when he breathes and throws in, he can feel that he and the protagonist of the story are integrated into each other.

Heaven and man are one, but thats all. Score medals are now subsidiary.

After Yusheng won the Olympic gold medal again, reporters who wanted to interview Yushengs parents flocked in.

In the growing process of feathers, parents seldom make choices for feathers, but give him more love and respect.

I am me. There are no two identical human beings in the world, and people are different. I also have many shortcomings. But I think we should not only focus on shortcomings, if we can find the advantages of children, (children) will grow happily.

This answer is also the best commentary on the way of parental education.

There is no doubt that Yusheng is an absolute genius, but I believe that Yushengs parents are most happy not to raise their own genius, but to see their son laughing in countless interviews after the game about I love skating and skating has always brought me happiness.

Compared with how much achievement a child has achieved, he has become a pure self and has been able to struggle for what he loves, which is the success that his parents most hope to harvest.

The success of genius is just an example. Not all ugly ducklings can become white swans. Not all children are gifted, but every child must be unique.

Give more respect and attention to the child, find that the child is different, let him become a pure self, gray feathers can shine as brilliant.

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