Does the cake shop have multiple identities? Shopkeeper: Cooperative relationship hygiene has been rectified

 Does the cake shop have multiple identities? Shopkeeper: Cooperative relationship hygiene has been rectified

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A cake shop has multiple identities? Shopkeeper: Cooperative relationship health has been rectified (Source:)

On December 5, Mr. Feng, a citizen, reported to the cover news that he had worked in a cake shop in Chengdus Jinniu District, but during the period, he found that the health condition of the shop was worrying. Moreover, several branches displayed on a takeaway platform showed the stores business license qualifications, which showed some grocery stores or fruit sellers. The shop, but the name of the cake shop is marked.

In the morning, the reporter received a response from the shop staff that the health situation reflected by Mr. Feng had been rectified in the shop. As for Mr. Fengs several branches, the staff said that they belonged to a cooperative relationship.

Former employees questioned in-store hygiene

Branch belongs to Shadow Shop?

On the morning of the 5th, the reporter contacted Mr. Feng. He provided journalists with several copies of relevant information.

From the information, the reporter saw that in a house without a sign, only the house with the sign No. 17 West Slaughterhouse Street, there were large and small cakes making tools, packing boxes and other items. The staff in the shop were making cakes, but there was a green stool in the pool beside it, and there were some stools and pools. Unknown black objects...

According to Mr. Feng, these tools were used to make cakes. He said he took the photos not long ago, when he was a staff member in the shop.

There are many cakes on the takeout platform in this cakes shop! Mr. Feng said that the name of the operator on the cake shops business license was a food store in Taurus District, but the branch was open in many places.

The reporter searched the relevant note on the takeout platform and found that, as Mr. Feng said, the cake shop in different places, such as Xinghan Road, tea shop, Ni Jiaqiao and so on, all have the same shop name, the same commodity pictures and prices. Are these all branches?

This problem has been denied by Mr. Feng. He told reporters that there is only one real production site, which is located at 17 West Slaughterhouse Street in Taurus District. The other identical shops are grocery stores selling fruits and drinks.

Shop response:

Cooperative relationship with branch to rectify health problems

After 9 a.m. on the 5th, the reporter came to the cake shop located at 17 West Slaughterhouse Street, Taurus District. On the spot, the reporter saw that the stores furnishings and what Mr. Feng said had changed a lot, the environment and sanitation had also changed a lot, the original pool stains and garbage cans and other items had been cleaned up, and shop staff were making cakes.

Among them, a staff member told us that one of the employees in the shop had complained to the relevant departments about the hygiene problems after leaving their post. At present, the shop has rectified this problem. On the spot, she also showed the health certificate of the employees in the shop to the reporters.

Talking about the reasons for the several branches with the same name displayed on a takeaway platform, the staff member responded that they belong to a cooperative relationship.

Subsequently, the reporter searched for several other cakes shops of the same name displayed on the platform. Among them, the shop located at No. 99 Genshang Street, Dongcheng District, Qingyang District, is a fruit retail store. The store owner said that in the past few months, a self-proclaimed cake shop had filmed their business license, and at that time, it had established a cooperative relationship based on how much money they paid in a month. But he said no one had come to let them sell cakes in recent days.

The platform shows a store at 31 Yulin East Road, Wuhou District, which is a grocery store selling tobacco and alcohol. A staff member in the shop told reporters that he did not know what cake sales were.

On the afternoon of June 6, the reporter saw on the takeout platform that the cake shop in Jinniu District had been suspended. (Part of the material is provided by the respondents)

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182