Taiwan compatriots first show me as Zhang Ziyis younger brother in Wutai.

 Taiwan compatriots first show me as Zhang Ziyis younger brother in Wutai.

Taiwanese compatriots are the first to show up. I am the champion of boxing.

Zhang Ziyis brother came to fight

Zhang Zihao, the No. 40 player who appeared that day, was asked by the host what his relationship with Zhang Ziyi was. The young man said, Oh, Im his brother. After that, he laughed. He seemed to be joking. Speaking of how to contact the fight, he said that he was influenced by his brother. After all, Zhang Ziyi, the sister, could not fight. Finally, Zhang Zihao passed three passes smoothly. Good luck to him in the final stage.

Some people say that the sign of a persons maturity is that you dont need your mother to force you to wear autumn pants, you know when to wear autumn pants, that proves that you are mature. Shanghai has been experiencing continuous winter rains and cooler temperatures over the past two days. Yao Hefei, wearing autumn trousers and Thai boxers outside, came to participate in the competition, which is mature for other players to wear shorts barefoot, and his excellent performance in the third pass can also prove his maturity in fighting technology.

How did you get into combat? Many of the contestants answered that it was because of their deep love, and some of the young contestants were very frank, saying that it was because of poor academic performance. Today, a contestants answer is different. His name is Tian Dongjie, 28 years old, and he is now a child combat coach. He said, When I was a child, my parents told me, you go to practice, practice a few years will fly, and then I entered the martial arts school. After telling this story, he also laughed heartily. This example of being deceived into martial arts school by his parents is fresh enough.

Huang Zongpeo pays tribute to Jin Yong

Male Nurse Salutes Jin Yongs Kindness in Knight-errant T-shirt for the Elimination of the Kung Fu Heavenly League

Here comes Huang Zongbiao again! This Fujian Wu idiot came to Shanghai to compete. He has participated in our Guangzhou and Beijing competitions, but failed to qualify for the finals. This time, he wore a chivalrous T-shirt with the words Snow shoots white deer in the sky, and the book-laughing swordsman leans on the green duck, which he hoped to pay tribute to Mr. Jin Yong.

Huang Zongbiao majored in nursing, so he was labeled male nurse. In fact, he did not engage in nursing work after graduation, but did IT work. He also had traditional martial arts training experience before, and showed a whirlwind leg on the spot. At the third pass, Huang Zongbiao chose the way that the Kung Fu Heavenly Regiment could only defend but not attack. He said that he felt that the Kung Fu Heavenly Regiment was tired and hoped that they could have a little rest. In the course of the match, Huang Zongbiao did not kick hard, but stopped at the last minute. Unfortunately, his performance failed to conquer the judges. Unfortunately, he stopped at the third stage. In 2018, I am the champion of boxing in Shanghai. The competition is sponsored by China Internet TV Fighting World, Beijing Boxson Media Technology Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Holgus Magic Creation Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tian Aid Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Shanghai Hard Man World Fighting Club. Source of this article: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806