Japanese Media: Yuanyun will become an attack carrier Japan to speed up its military nationalization

 Japanese Media: Yuanyun will become an attack carrier Japan to speed up its military nationalization

Japan Eyun Helicopter Carrier

[Global Times correspondent Liu Junguo, Global Times correspondent Yanchu] According to Kyodo News Agency and other media reports, in the new Defense Plan Outline, the Abe government clearly stipulated that the cloud frigate will be transformed into a de facto aircraft carrier, but in order to avoid outside criticism, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Ming Party are impartial. Coordination attempts to locate the Cloud Out with the Multipurpose Use Frigate. Some analysts believe that after the transformation, the Out of the Cloud will become an indisputable attack carrier. From the perspective of the revision direction of Japans defense outline, Japan is accelerating the realization of military power.

Japan officially uses the aircraft carrier of `offensive weaponsto speed up the military nationalization. The Korean Nationality Daily said on June 6 that the outline of Japans defense plan is usually revised every 10 years, but this time it was revised by the Japanese government only five years after 2013. The Abe government will formally launch the aircraft carrier, a representative offensive weapon, by revising the outline. Although the Japanese government claims that offensive weapons such as aircraft carriers are used for defense, judging from the direction of revision of the Outline of the Defense Plan, Japan has a strong desire for military power. Japans Jiji News Agency commented that the cloud-out class frigate that allowed F-35 fighters to board had become an indisputable attack carrier. According to the Tokyo News, the Abe government claimed that even if the cloud aircraft carrier was converted to a defensive purpose, it was not a combat force prohibited by the Constitution, but it was pure sophistry. According to the Okinawa Times, the Japanese government has changed its security policy and formulated a new outline of the defense plan for the sake of dramatic changes in external security, but it should still avoid deviating from the defense principle of exclusive defense. If Japan violates this principle, it will lead to regional arms race and uneasy proliferation.

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