Nicknamed to send warships to Black Sea Russia to respond, ready to greet

 Nicknamed to send warships to Black Sea Russia to respond, ready to greet

[Global Times correspondent in Russia Qusong Global Times correspondent Liu Yupeng] The conflict in the Russian-Ukrainian Kachi Strait has not yet eased. Russian troops conducted exercises in the Black Sea and Eastern Crimea on May 5, local time. The Ukrainian Navy launched a new cruise missile in Odessa, near the Black Sea. In this context, the United States plans to send warships to the Black Sea, interpreted as pressuring Moscow, CNN reported Wednesday. Russian parliamentarians said the territory was inviolable and Moscow would respond to the actions of the US military.

According to Ukraines Kiev Post on May 5, the Secretary of Ukraines National Security and Defense Commission, Turchinov, announced that Ukraine had tested a new cruise missile in Odessa, near the Black Sea, in the hope of strengthening coastal defense in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. He said that in order to test the distance and accuracy of missiles hitting water targets, the Ukrainian army launched eight missiles, all of which successfully destroyed water targets within 280 kilometers. Tuchinov also stressed that the Ukrainian military has set up a shore defense system with the help of the upgraded S-125 missile system. In addition, the Russian news agency reported that Ukrainian President Boroshenko said on the 6th that Ukraine would send additional airborne troops to the Russian-Ukrainian border to expand its military presence on the border. He attended the paratroopersfarewell ceremony on the same day (pictured).

On the same day, the Russian Navy conducted naval and ground-to-air cruise missile exercises in the Black Sea, dispatching two ships, the Rostov on the Don River and the Old Oskol, to conduct emergency deployment exercises aimed at detecting, escorting and destroying targets at sea and shore. Submarine crew also underwent deep-sea diving and snorkeling exercises. A spokesman for the Russian Black Sea Fleet also announced Friday that the Russian army is conducting armoured mid-range ground-to-air cruise missile system drills in eastern Crimea, but did not say whether it was related to the Ukrainian incident, nor did it disclose the start and end time.

Unlike the European Unions call, the United States plans to sail its warships to the Black Sea. CNN 6 quoted three U.S. officials as saying that the U.S. military has made a request to the State Department to inform Turkey, in accordance with relevant laws, that the United States will have warships through the Black Sea Strait. The U.S. officials said it was a response to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Regarding which ship to send, U.S. Sixth Fleet spokesman Reynes said his fleet carried out routine operations in the Black Sea and other international waters to promote regional security and stability, stand by and respond when needed. In addition, Voice of America reported that the US Navy McCampbell missile destroyer sailed into the Japanese Sea on the 5th near the Bay of Peter the Great, which Russia claims sovereignty. U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Mike Mall said that this is a challenge to Russias excessive claims of maritime sovereignty, safeguarding the rights and freedoms of the United States and other countries to use the sea legally.

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