Huang Lei Mengfeis hotpot shop closed and the star opened it. Is it a dream of Huangliang?

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 Huang Lei Mengfeis hotpot shop closed and the star opened it. Is it a dream of Huangliang?

The entrance of Huangliang Yimeng store was blocked

Huangliang Yimeng officially closed on December 3

Huang Lei and Meng Fei opened the Huangliang Yimeng hotpot store in early 2017, because of the price problem once on the microblog hot search list. Per capita consumption of more than 300 yuan, a gross belly will be 198 yuan, the customers are unable to afford to Tucao. Meng Fei once responded, You have to use that thing and pay for it before you are qualified to say whether it is expensive or not.

Delivery Notice of Huangliang Yimeng

Nevertheless, with stars like Huang Lei and Meng Fei, Huangliang Yimeng once attracted a large number of diners to punch in. However, the good times are not long, the novelty is fading away, and consumers are hindered by high prices, so the transformation is imminent. Since the beginning of 2018, Huangliang Yimeng has launched a variety of preferential packages, such as 168 yuan 3 person packages, 298 yuan 6 person packages, 5.9% discount for the whole month activities, but also for student groups, discount activities for student cards.

Although the price is grounded, Huangliang Yimeng still closes its stores. Officially, the lease contract expires in two years and closes on December 3, 2018. On December 6, the modern express reporter arrived at the Huangliang Yimeng hotpot shop on the 6th floor of the first issue of Deji Square, and found that the shop had been enclosed by the baffles. The detailed process steps of refunding the membership card were announced on the notice at the door.

Subsequently, the modern express reporter called the contact number on the notice, Huangliang Yimeng staff said that the reason for closing the shop was because the lease contract expired. As for whether to reopen the store at a new location in the future, it is under consideration. Details are not convenient for publication for the time being.

What is the status quo of other star stores?

Meng Feis Small Face has only one family to stick to

Talking about Meng Fei, we have to say that he runs another restaurant - Meng Feis noodles. On November 28, 2014, Mengfeis facets officially opened in Hexi Wanda Square. On that day, celebrities from the literary and sports circles such as Guo Degang, Huang Jianxiang and Huang Li came to the audience. As a street snack, Chongqing noodles, the shop sells 28 yuan a bowl, and there is a lot of discussion. However, taking advantage of the heat, Mengfeis noodles still open three stores in Nanjing.

But in the past few years, at present, Mengfeis small noodles are only the central shopping mall, which is still in operation, and the other two stores are closed.

Yingdi Jiangwu Noodle Museums Low-key Management

It is also one of the investors of the Star Noodle Store, Wumian, and Jiang Wu, a well-known actor and director in China. When it opened in 2016, the stores slogan was to create Nanjings first movie emperor restaurant. On that day, Miao Jie, a member of the Shuimu Nianhua group, came to Jiangwu Noodle Pavilion, which was surrounded by fans and citizens from three layers inside and outside.

At present, Wumian has two branches, located in Hongyuecheng and Golden Eagle World. Noodles are priced from 24 yuan to 32 yuan. Reporters came to the store at 11 a.m. and there were promotional packages at the entrance. All three preferential packages are priced at 29.9 yuan, which is acceptable to the general consumers. Nevertheless, the store is still empty and business is slightly cold.

National Father-in-law Han Han Restaurant is no longer the scene

In 2014, Han Hans Nice to meet you restaurant opened in Nanjing in the expectation of many fans. There were more than 1,000 queues on the scene that day, and the scene could be said to be very hot. The whole store follows the literary and artistic model of Shanghai store from decoration, greeting terms, dish names and mats, and Han Han elements are abundant everywhere. However, the shop in Shi Poan was closed at first, and the shop in Deji Square was still open normally afterwards. In some comment software, most of the diners reflected that dinner time is not equal, a long time ago, no one has eaten now, basically no one... Reporters in the shop saw that the number of diners was scarce, and compared with the prosperity in the early opening period, the popularity declined sharply.

Zhang Jiajias restaurant is really just passing by

Zhang Jiajia, the most storyteller on Weibo, opened his first restaurant in Nanjing in 2015. The restaurant, which bears the same name as the novel he published, is called Passing Through Your World and is located in 1912 blocks of Nanjing, where he has written many times. Like the name of the restaurant, the overall style of the store is very literary, and the details of the store are very interesting.

The restaurant only costs 216 yuan for lunch on weekdays, but a certain ordering software shows that sales in half a year are only 342 orders. Reporters came to this restaurant at lunchtime and found that only three or two customers entered the restaurant. Most people just passed by the front of the restaurant. It was really past from your restaurant.

Industry insiders: To do catering also requires professionals to do professional things

Star restaurant in fame and heat bring traffic, but also brought high expectations. Yu Xuerong, president of Jiangsu Food and Beverage Industry Association, thinks that it can be analyzed from two aspects: First, we must affirm the promotion effect of star effect on the development of catering industry, but to do catering, professional people have to do professional things.

Yu Xuerong believes that star catering is only a sideline to develop, it is impossible to wholeheartedly focus on the catering industry, so it is difficult to give consideration to both. When the freshness of consumers is over, expectations will inevitably drop, and it is difficult to attract consumers to patronize for a long time.

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