When a man sees his ex-marital girlfriend making a new boyfriend, he stabs the dissuader

 When a man sees his ex-marital girlfriend making a new boyfriend, he stabs the dissuader

Impulsive people always start when they encounter unpleasant things, often without considering the consequences. Nevertheless, the police have already settled this account: losing in hospital, winning in prison. Although Xiasha police have posted campaign posters about the cost of fighting everywhere, they still cant persuade some people.

This is not true. The Peoples Court of the Development Zone handed down a verdict on a case of intentional injury and incidental civil action caused by emotional disputes. The defendant, Liu Mou, bought a bill for his impulse.

An extramarital girlfriend has a new boyfriend

When KTV collided with him outside, he rushed up and slapped him.

Liu Mou and Afang are boyfriends and girlfriends, but Liu Mou already has a family. After such an improper relationship lasted for some time, Ah Fang chose to give up and found a new boyfriend, Xu Mou. Although he could not give Ah Fang the future, Liu still refused to give up, still entangled with Ah Fang.

One night, Ah Fang and her boyfriend Xu Mou met to sing in a KTV. While parking in the parking lot, she was hit by Liu Mou.

She used to tell me she wanted to go home, but now shes out dating someone else. In order to test Ah Fang, Liu deliberately called her and asked where she was. As a result, Ah Fang answered that she would be home. Watching Ah Fang lie, Liu immediately rushed out of the dark, slapped her severely, shouted at her for cheating, and robbed Ah Fang of her mobile phone.

After seeing the story with Ah Fangs sister, she immediately told her friend Zhao Mou about Ah Fangs bullying, and then Zhao Mou told Xu Mou about it. Hearing that his girlfriend had been bullied, Xu put a kitchen knife on his back and went with Zhao to find Ah Fang to help her find out.

The two sides agreed to settle at the entrance of the community

One man took out a screwdriver and stabbed the other man with a kitchen knife.

When Xu Mou and Zhao Mou found Afang, Liu Mou had left. They immediately dialed Ah Fangs stolen mobile phone and asked Liu to talk at the entrance of the community.

Liu Mou arrived at the scene, and without saying a word, he abused Ah Fang and started to slap Ah Fang. Seeing the situation, Xu and Zhao on the other side immediately came forward to dissuade, but Liu suddenly pulled out a screwdriver from his arms, facing them is a mess.

Looking at his friend Zhao Mou injured and fell to the ground, Xu Mou immediately took out his kitchen knife and hit back, cutting Liu Mous left shoulder with the knife. After the hospital diagnosis, Zhao Mou was stabbed in the heart, and was admitted to the intensive care unit, which eventually identified as the second grade of serious injury.

Because Xu Mou also started, was sentenced by the public security organs to administrative detention for 10 days and a fine of 500 yuan. Liu Mou was sentenced to three yearsimprisonment by the court of the development zone for the crime of intentional injury, and compensated Zhao Mou for 300,000 yuan.

Judge reminds: As the saying goes, Speak well when you have something to say and Impulse is the devil, when contradictions arise, we should forgive and compromise each other. We must not succeed in fighting for a moment, causing irreparable consequences, and regret is too late.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Zhao Yaping_NN9005