Princess Dubai Fleet Again: Seven Years Planned to Deceive Guards 30 miles from Success

 Princess Dubai Fleet Again: Seven Years Planned to Deceive Guards 30 miles from Success

Not all princesses are willing to enjoy their splendor and wealth, as one princess in Dubai did.

The Princess Sheikha Latifa escaped from the Dubai royal family in March after seven years of planning, the Guardian reported. But 30 miles off the coast of Goa, India, they were intercepted and brought back to Dubai, where they never appeared or spoke again.

A person familiar with the situation disclosed that Lalifa was living well with her family.

Recently, the BBC interviewed people who helped Lalifa escape in a documentary called Escape from Dubai, and for the first time restored the details behind the escape.

After the first escape, he was imprisoned for three years.

According to the Guardian, the fleeing Princess Lalifa is 32 years old and her father is Almaktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and chief of Dubai.

Lalifa was standing on the plane. According to the Gulf Times

The Finns who helped her plan her escape were a former French naval officer and a professor, Capoeira. In addition, the crew from the Philippines had tried to help her navigate to a new life.

Recently, the BBC interviewed the people who helped Lalifa escape in a documentary called Escape from Dubai, and for the first time restored the details behind the escape. The documentary will be shown on BBCTwo on the evening of December 6, UK local time.

According to the Guardian, Lalifa is the second princess among the daughters of the Dubai chief to try to escape. The first step was her sister Sheikha Shamsa. In 2000, Shamusa escaped from her familys home in Surrey County, England, and was eventually caught in Cambridge. Reported that the apparent kidnapping incident has never been fully investigated by British police.

Before escaping, Larifa revealed in a video she had recorded that she had tried to leave the United Arab Emirates at the age of 16, but was caught crossing the border and then detained for three years. The experience and the outcome of her sister forced her to plan carefully for a second escape.

Lalifas sister, Shamusa, was smuggled out of Britain after being arrested. According to the Guardian

Seven years ago, it was misunderstood to plan a second escape for help.

In the second plan, Lalifa first contacted a French businessman, Herv re Jaubert, who had been a French naval officer. According to Jobel, Lalifa contacted herself for the first time in 2011 because she had learned something about herself online: a few years ago, Jobel had some trouble in Dubai, boarded a boat by scuba diving, and then fled Dubai to India.

Jobel said that when he received Larifahs first e-mail, he also suspected it was a Dubai situation and needed to verify the identity of the other party. But if Bell finally believed in Lalifa, they kept in touch via e-mail for a long time, until Lalifa fled in 2018.

Jobel also said that their communications were sometimes about logistical support for escape plans, such as Lalifas revelation that $400,000 had been saved for escape, and sometimes about the life of a restrained Royal family.

The escape route was so thrilling that it almost reached India.

In 2014, Lalifa also met Tiina Jauhiainen, who went to Dubais royal residence to teach Brazilian war dance. Later, Tina became one of Lalifas best friends. She played parachute jumping with the princess and played a key role in the escape plan. Since then, Tina has met Jobel several times to finalize the details of the escape.

Lalifa likes skydiving. Picture their social accounts

Tina said in the documentary that as planned, the escape started with a breakfast for both of them. The two men had met for breakfast several times before in order to confuse the guards around Lalifa.

After breakfast, the two drove to the Oman border, then went to sea in inflatable boats and motorcycles. After 26 miles in the stormy sea, they arrived at the international waters and joined up with Jobel, who was driving a yacht. Subsequently, they planned to go to Goa, India.

Princess Larifah of Dubai and her friend Tina. Figure BBC

During the escape, Lalifa recorded a video, but the video was made public only when the attempt to escape was unsuccessful. Lalifa said she would face severe punishment if she was caught. If you watch this video, its not a good thing. That means either Im dead or Im in a very, very, very bad situation.

Lalifas escape route map: crossing the border into Oman by land, then going to sea by inflatable boat and motorcycle, joining Jobel and sailing to Goa, India by yacht, which was intercepted 30 miles from the coast. According to the guardian

After the failure of the plan, there was no news that its going well

In 2000, Lalifas sister Shamusa fled England for more than a month. In a message to her lawyer, she said she had been smuggled out of Britain after her father ordered her to be caught in Cambridge. The incident was subsequently handed over to David Beck, Inspector General of the Cambridge Branch of the British Criminal Investigation Bureau. Baker needed to talk to Shamusa, but his application for entry into the United Arab Emirates was refused and the investigation could not proceed further. ?

Lalifa said in the video that her sister had been living in a medical prison since then, with nurses monitoring her 24 hours a day. Lalifa said she saw her sisters fate as a warning.

On board, Tina said that Lalifa contacted many parties for help, including the media, hoping that this would enable the public to protect her, but there was no response. Maybe its because her story is so far away that journalists worry that its a hoax.

She sent e-mails to many journalists, but no one answered. No one seemed to believe her. Lalifa was very sad and desperate. She longed for someone to help her because she might catch it at any moment. Tina said.

At a distance of 30 miles from the Indian coast, the yacht on which Lalifa and his party were travelling was intercepted and the escape plan failed. Since then, Lalifa has never been seen in public. Her friends say they have never heard from her and her Instagram account has been closed.

She said she would rather be killed on board than go back to Dubai, Jobel said. I dont even know where she is. Im very worried about her safety.

The Dubai government and its leaders did not respond to the BBC documentary.

According to the Guardian, a person familiar with the situation revealed that Lalifa is living well with her family.

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