Guangxia Dangerously Wins Dengzhou to Win Zhejiang Derby Hu Jinqiu 30+11 Deng Meng 39+11

 Guangxia Dangerously Wins Dengzhou to Win Zhejiang Derby Hu Jinqiu 30+11 Deng Meng 39+11

Technical statistics:

Zhejiang Team: Deng Meng 39 points 11 rebounds 7 assists, Zhu Xuhang 17 points, Hans Bruce 10 points 5 rebounds, Zhang Dayu 13 points

Match related:

This season, Zhejiang Guangxia Mens Basketball Team will be home in Zhuji. After last seasons finals, they will return to Hangzhou for the first time. They will go to Binjiang Stadium to challenge Zhejiang Fuzhou Bank as a guest team. It is worth mentioning that this is the CBAs first Zhejiang Derby this season, a sparkling war is on the horizon.


At the beginning of the game, Zhao Yanhaos jump shot was the first to win for Guangxia Team. Su Ruoyu scored two more points under the basket and Guangxia scored a 4-0 start. Cheng Shuai Peng hit three points from the outside, and Lin Zhijie responded with three points. Deng Menglian scored two points and the two teams drew nine. Deng Meng hit three points again, Hu Jinqiu hit the rebound, and Dengzhou made a sudden outward shot with 7 points, 23-15. Zhu Xuhang scored successively under the basket, Wu Qian scored in the counter-basket, and the score difference increased to 11 points. Hu Jinqiukong cut into basketball, Zhejiang made a mistake, Sun Minghui broke through the counter-attack, with Bolosis half-court three-point goal, the end of the first quarter, Zhejiang 32-29 leading Guangxia.

When the two sides fought again in the second half, they were confused and made constant mistakes. Wang Zilu scored 5 points in a row to help Zhejiang team stabilize the situation. Zhu Xuhang threw the ball into the basket, Hu Jinqiukong scored 63-59. Fordsons three-point shot, Hu Jinqius foul, Hansbroughs two penalties, Zhao Yanhaos two-point free-throw, with Borosis scoring, the two teams fouled 67. Then the Zhejiang team made a series of mistakes, Guangxia seized the opportunity to overtake the score 6-0, forcing Zhejiang to stop. When the two teams came back from the suspension, they collided with each other, the referees whistled frequently, and both teams scored by free throws. Deng Meng was quick to get off the basket and Bolosis returned three points. As Deng Meng failed to shoot at the whistle, the third quarter ended and Guangxia was 79-75 in the lead.

Both sides start:

Zhejiang: Cheng Shuaipeng, Zhang Dayu, Zhu Xuhang, Wu Qian, Deng Meng