Stars are free to use privileges?

 Stars are free to use privileges?

The passenger also said that although Lin Zhiying had a good attitude, it took half an hour to take off.

Some netizens think that Lin Zhiying is selfish in doing so.

There are also netizens left messages that even the airlines scolded together, indicating that the captain is also responsible.

There are also some netizens who have no principles: If I have a flight with him, I would like to delay.??? Is this kiss okay?

In the vast message, there is a seemingly rational netizen who calmly analyzed the matter, indicating that he is tired of cats_

Looking at the surface of the explosion, Lin Zhiyings practice is really inappropriate. The delay of a flight may affect the later aircraft. If the star privilege is really used, it not only occupies public resources, but also affects social order. Although it is possible for him to ask for something to be retrieved that is particularly urgent, this is understandable, but it does not support it.

He said it wasnt Li who was checked back, but a duty-free shopping bag left in the airport restaurant. The stewardess told the boarded passengers that they could not get off the plane again unless someone stayed to change flights, so his assistant got off the plane and flew back to Taiwan the next day. It also said that the whole journey was only a few minutes, and arrived in advance without delay. Finally, it emphasizes three times Please take your belongings with you.

Should be a more sincere explanation, but just below this response, there are also netizens to make an article about the flight map he exposed: the expected take-off 22:55, the actual take-off 23:19, is not it a half hour delay?

Other netizens immediately started to shoot: This elder brother may not have flown much. There is also strong evidence:


Speaking of star privilege, artists rely on their popularity and popularity on the Internet to expose other peoples information at will is also a kind of privilege.

Many netizens Tucao

Most netizens choose to stand on the side of customs staff, saying: Strict enforcement of the law is absolutely correct, meticulous and careful inspection just reflects the Customsdiligence, it is your own reflection.

Later, Mao Junjie apologized publicly to customs officers, saying that as a public figure, he would pay attention to the impact of words and deeds.

But nothing was done, and the nurse also encountered Joker Xues fans Cyber violence.

Is it also inappropriate to complain on Twitter from time to time, to attack an insufferable person on the internet, regardless of the privacy and portrait rights of others, and to incite fans to public opinion with rhythm and allow them to let their netizens flesh and abuse them?

Stars are striving for what they think is equality, but they ignore the rights of ordinary workers.


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