Taiwans renowned director Niu Chengze has been convicted of sexual assault on Police

 Taiwans renowned director Niu Chengze has been convicted of sexual assault on Police

On the afternoon of May 5, a woman (lets call her A girl) accompanied by a friend went to Taipei Maternal and Child Police Station to report the case and make a record, accusing the police of alleged sexual assault by well-known director Niu Chengze (Dou Di). Zhongshi electronic newspaper said that the police will send a notice to Niu Chengze on the 6th, asking him to go to the police station as soon as possible to explain the case. Police also said that the relevant cases are under investigation, the details of sexual assault cases can not be disclosed, only confirmed that the case occurred.

(The victim reported the case with his friend on the 5th day. )

After the news came to light, Taiwans Lianhe Daily reporter found her female friend. The other side disclosed the incident: A woman joined Ren Xianqis film Horse Running crew, and director Niu Chengze did not shy away from courtesy, but the crew initially thought it was Dous deliberate action to ease the shooting atmosphere, and there was no doubt about it. In late November, the crew was scheduled to hold a meeting, but Niu Chengze abruptly cancelled the meeting on the grounds of poor physical and mental condition, and then sent a message about female director A to chat with her residence and mentioned that she could bring female A together.

After arriving at Dou Tuos house at about 5 p.m., there were many friends in the house. Later, people left one after another, leaving only three people, Dou Tuo, A woman and the supervisor. Later, the supervisor came home from a hangover. At first, Niu Chengze maintained a normal chat with A Nv. It was not long before Niu Chengze approached and touched her head and shoulders. Then she fell on the sofa, kissed, undressed and even hit her chest. The process was extremely rough. Afterwards, he found out that it had caused a catastrophe and tried to apologize, but the victim was so afraid that he packed up a flashing drama group overnight. At the same time, she went to the hospital with her friends for the first time to examine her injuries. From the test sheet, it was clear that there were many lacerations in her lower body.

Taiwan media reporters called Niu Chengze afterwards, but even multi-phone calls were transferred to voice mail, and production and production were not activated. Ren Xianqi and Zhang Rongrong, the male and female protagonists of the film scheduled to be filmed on the 6th, are now cancelled.

The incident aroused great concern in the island on the 5th, because Niu Chengze is indeed a well-known director of Baodao. Born in 1966 in Peiping, Manchu, Niu Hulu, he made his debut in his first film, Little Rain Silk, in 1975. In 2002, self-directed idol drama The Kiss of a Toast Man was released in 2010. The film was included in the panoramic unit of the 60th Berlin Film Festival. Niu Chengze won the 11th Chinese Film Media Award for Best New Director. In 2013, his film Paradise in the Army was included in the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. The Festival panoramic unit won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Cross-Strait Chinese Film.

Niu Chengze

In recent years, Niu Chengze has been controversial. Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily revealed Friday that in 2007, when he was filming with Taiwanese actress Zhang Junning, he reportedly used his job to kiss Zhang Junning on the neck. At the youth-killing party, when he was asked about the topic, Niu Chengze went into a rage on the spot and scolded the reporters, Why cant we scold you? He threatened not to work with Zhang Junning in the future, which made Zhang Junning on the other side rather embarrassed. It was rumored that Niu Chengze apologized to the journalist after he woke up the next day, and the matter finally came to an end.

Niu Chengze had an affair with Zhang Junyong 11 years ago.

In June 2013, Niu Chengze was accused of illegally bringing Cao Yu, a mainland photographer, to board a ship at the left barracks of the Kaohsiung Navy for filming Paradise in the Army. The following year, the local law of Kaohsiung sentenced Niu Chengze to five monthsimprisonment and two years probation.

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