Hometown of Internet Fraud: Fraudsters Home Closed by Spray Word

 Hometown of Internet Fraud: Fraudsters Home Closed by Spray Word

In Binyang, those who use QQ to commit online fraud are called Qzai, and later the concept of Qzai became synonymous with the fraudster.

In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security announced the first batch of key rectification areas for telecommunication network fraud, a total of 7, including Binyang. In the same year, the Ministry of Public Security issued an A-level arrest warrant, publicly arresting 10 fugitives for extraordinarily large telecommunications network fraud crimes. Five of them came from Binyang.

The wanted information posted opposite by the fraudster-related households.

Q Zis Sketch

Low education, 20 years old or above, simple operation equipment

Binyang is a county under the jurisdiction of Nanning, Guangxi. The county government is located in Binzhou Town. The town was developed from the market, formerly known as Luwei (x), and has a reputation as a commercial port for a hundred years. Outside evaluation, Binyang people are shrewd, good at introducing and imitating, and also known as township of hardware in Guangxi.

Wei Min (pseudonym), the head of Pennsylvania Town, told Red Star News that the birth of Binyang Qzai was about in 2009. They stole numbers or sent virus links to cheat relatives and friends of QQ holders. At first, Qzi focused on the group of foreign students. After you get it, cash it out quickly.

According to media reports, Binyang QQ fraud has industrial chain, Qzai has upstream and downstream. Upstream, computer city, bank card and ID card supplier, Trojan horse or virus manufacturer; midstream, Qzi and driver, the former is responsible for chatting and stealing QQ number, the success of fraud will put money into multiple accounts, and then notify the latter cash; downstream, namely, bars, KTV, restaurants, 4S shops and other places.

There is a high incidence of fraud in Xinqiao Town, Binyang County. Gao Wei, the head of the town, told Red Star News that most of the suspected fraudsters were not well educated, unmarried and under the age of 20. The entry threshold of Qzai is very low, the equipment needed is simple, a mobile phone or a computer can be used as a crime tool.

At about 9 p.m. on November 26, the police received a report of QQ fraud in a rental house on the fourth floor of 317, east section of Binzhou Town, Binyang County.

_In the early morning of November 27, the police captured four suspects in a private house. Respondents for map

Immediately, the Binyang Police and the Pennsylvania Town Government Comprehensive Administration Office went to investigate and deal with it. At 0:00 on the 27th, four suspects were arrested and three computers, five mobile phones, 54 bank cards, two company seals and 49 mobile cards were found.

The landlord is a lady. She is very old. She told Red Star News that less than a month ago, a few guys came in and lied that they were workers at the surrounding construction site. The two sides agreed to rent 4,000 yuan a year and pay 2,000 yuan in advance.

_In the early morning of November 27, the police captured four suspects in a private house and seized a large number of crime tools. Respondents for map

The lease agreement signed by the old man and several men shows that the lease period is from 29 October 2018 to 29 October 2019. At the time of the incident, the four suspects rented their houses for less than a month.

This is a simple two-bedroom apartment with a bed, a simple clothes hanger and an old desk and chair. After the police captured several people, the articles involved in the house were taken away.

Punish fraud

Many self-service banks close or adjust their business hours. A card can fetch up to 500 yuan.

In recent years, Binyang is determined to cure the stubborn illness of network fraud. Official data show that in 2016, the Ministry of Public Security announced seven key areas to rectify telecommunication network fraud. Binyang is one of them. From 2016 to November this year, Binyang cracked down 332 network criminal gangs and arrested 3227 suspects.

In January 2016, Binyangs Wanted Playing Card triggered a heated debate.

At that time, the police printed the wanted orders of 248 people from Binyang who fled online into playing cards and distributed them to the masses in Binyang County. In the next five months, 63 of the 248 Internet fugitives surrendered.

Beginning in July and August this year, people in Binyang noticed that self-help banks in the county towns were either closed or cash-limited.

Recently, Red Star News visited several banks and found that in Binyang County, the self-service banks of Agricultural Bank, Industrial Bank, Beibuwan Village Bank and other banks have been closed. Several other banks restrict business hours, from 6 p.m. on weekdays to 8 a.m. on the next day, and suspend business all day on weekends and holidays. The Bank of China stipulates that the maximum amount of each card is 500 yuan.

On the glass doors of several self-service banks, there are notices to the same effect: the business hours should be closed or adjusted at the request of the Binyang County Committee, the county government and the public security departments.

Binyang County, many self-help banks closed or limited business hours.

Star News reporter from Binyang County, visited many villages in Binyang Township.

In Binyang, from the county to the countryside, reward announcements and warning posters are offered, and anti-fraud propaganda goes deep into almost every public sphere in the poles, walls, schools and banks.

Roadside anti-fraud propaganda.

In the village, the elderly are in the majority. As long as they hear about Qzai or fraud, they mostly shut up.

Controversy about spraying characters

The first sentence after the suspect surrendered himself: wipe out the door fraudulent households

The head of the village committees of the two villages told Red Star News that most of the fugitives had contact with their families, but their families did not cooperate. Therefore, persuasion is blocked.

Mr. Liao, a village official in Pennsylvania, recalled to the Red Star News that before September, all the other fugitives in the village were persuaded by their families to surrender, leaving only one person, which was difficult to persuade. There are villagerssuggestions, spraying words, and exerting public opinion pressure. So there is the practice of spraying words with paint on the door of the family where the suspected fraudster belongs. If the household where the suspected fraudster belongs is too long, it will simply be abbreviated as the household involved in fraud.

Sure enough, one month after the typesetting, the fraudster surrendered himself. Mr. Liao told Red Star News, When you go to the police station to surrender, the first sentence of that person is, can you erase the words at the door of your home?

Such an approach is controversial. But Liao Zhishu said that this was a practice of the Village Rules and Peoples Pact, not a government act.

Soon, the villages practice was followed by other villages, and the effect was obvious.

However, in the county, street shops or households, will not be sprayed, the head of a Residential Committee directly said, After all, in the street, hinder the appearance of the city.

_The head of a residential committee cut off the water and electricity of a five-storey building because the landlord rented the house to `Qzai.

Relevant head of the Propaganda Department of Binyang County Party Committee told Red Star News that the method of typesetting had obvious deterrent effect and many people had surrendered; the families sprayed with fraudulent households mainly concentrated in the two towns of Pennsylvania and Xinqiao where network fraud was rampant, especially in Pennsylvania.

A staff member of Pennsylvania Town Comprehensive Administration Office told Red Star News, These families are mostly unmarried young people, endangering Binyang and the whole country, but these years have repeatedly prohibited, after typesetting, surrender rate is more than half. Several of the surrenders indicated whether they could clear the words at the door by themselves after surrendering. We answered: No, it can only be cleared by the people in the town and village. If it is removed privately, the water will be cut off and the electricity will be cut off.

The staff member said that at present, more than 80 people in Pennsylvania are still at large on suspicion of cyber fraud, compared with about 180 people before typewriting.

Gao Wei, the head of Xinqiao Town, introduced the towns practices to Red Star News. He said that since March 15 this year, anti-fraud has been mobilized in the town. At the same time, according to the Village Regulations and Civil Pact, joint construction, joint defense, joint treatment and joint insurance have been carried out. Agreements have been signed between villages, households and households to supervise, educate and manage each other. At the end of May, 10 households will form a group if one of them is suspected of fraud. According to the Village Rules and Regulations, the families concerned had no water or electricity for 7 to 10 days. By October or so, they began to spray words on the door of the families where the suspected fraudsters were located. Other co-insurers had no water or electricity for 1 to 5 days in order to punish them.

_Village Rules and Civil Covenants pasted on the wall.

He introduced that this measure was carried out by the village committee, and the town of Pennsylvania is adjacent to Xinqiao Town, so they learn from each other. Thirty-five to forty people were on the run in the town. After typesetting, more than half surrendered, with about 20 people.

Gao Wei recalls that some of the suspected fraudsters built buildings in their homes with the proceeds of fraud. Four houses were demolished forcibly in the town, about 5,000 square meters, but even so, the suspects still did not return. After spraying, the effect is obvious. Only one week, three people surrender under pressure.

Some netizens believe that spraying words at peoples doors is suspected of infringement and humiliation of other peoples personality. Nobodys here to do business because of his reputation. Gao Wei disapproved of the controversy caused by this move. He said, Parents and wives have the duty to persuade and educate without the fault of godfather. Moreover, after spraying words, it frightens the parties and has educational significance for other people in the village. For the sake of local economic development and social stability, we have to do so.

Wei Min, the head of Pennsylvania Town, was perplexed by those villagers who were unwilling to participate in normal work and wanted to be Qzai. He told Red Star News that a village iron factory recruited 4500 yuan a month, but no one applied.

What are these young people going to be like? he said.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182