Exposure to the Second Replacement of the Great Foreign Aid Sign Hadadi in Xinjiang to Replace Mineras

 Exposure to the Second Replacement of the Great Foreign Aid Sign Hadadi in Xinjiang to Replace Mineras

Xinjiangs off-season lineup changed dramatically this year, introducing three domestic players, Zeng Lingxu, Zhou Yixiang and Jiang Wen. They also exchanged players such as Xireejiang for Fan Ziming, while foreign players came to Al-Jefferson, who is known as Yao Ming Kexing. In addition, meritorious coach Li Qiuping left the team and Gore joined as assistant coach in Shanghai last season.

However, after the start of the new season, Xinjiang Mens Basketball Team suffered a series of defeats, but also revealed that local players are not satisfied with the number of foreign aid too many news. So Xinjiang replaced Jefferson with Shanghais big foreign aid Mineras last season. In addition, it is reported that the former 81 coach Adijiang has been stationed in Xinjiang training base, and he will become a new coach of Xinjiang Mens Basketball in the next season.

But in order to hit the CBA championship this season, Xinjiang Mens Basketball Team is also about to sign Iranian center Haddadi. Haddadi, 33, helped the Iranian mens basketball team win the Asian Championship three times, and was remembered by Chinese fans for making a you shoot gesture to Yi Jianlian in the final of the 2009 Tianjin Asian Championship.

Hadadi came to CBA in 2013, and not only helped Qingdao mens basketball team to reach the top four in the league, but also won the first CBA Championship for Sichuan in the season of 2015-16. However, due to the declining condition, Hadadi failed to renew his contract with Sichuan Mens Basketball Team after the end of last season, and no other team was willing to sign him.

It is reported that Hadadi will replace Minnalas after the window period of the World Preliminary Championship. He will meet with Xinjiang Mens Basketball Team in the near future. This is the second time that Xinjiang has changed its major foreign aid this season.