China and Philippines issued a joint statement to discuss offshore oil and gas exploration and development

 China and Philippines issued a joint statement to discuss offshore oil and gas exploration and development

(Manila November 21, 2018)

First, should the invitation of President Rodrigo Loa Dutewart of Republic of the Philippines, President Xi Jinping of Peoples Republic of China in November 20, 2018 to 21 on a state visit to Philippines.

During the visit, held talks with the leaders of the two countries, reviewing the history of friendly exchanges in the Philippines, planning for the future development of bilateral relations and exchange views on regional and international issues of common concern, and reached important consensus.

During the visit, President Xi Jinping met Philippines Congress speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Senate long Center Castro Soto.

Two, Philippines for forty years of reform and opening up Chinese great achievements congratulated the peoples wishes China the realization of the two one hundred year struggle. China congratulates Philippines under the leadership of President Duthel Te, outstanding achievements in maintaining national peace and promote sustainable economic growth and social development, I wish the Philippines national development and make greater progress.

Three, the two sides agreed that good Sino Philippines relations are conducive to enhancing the fundamental well-being of the two peoples. Under the joint efforts and mutual trust, the two countries relations have been turning around and developing steadily. The two sides agreed to make persistent efforts to promote more positive results of the cooperation agreement already reached.

Five, the two sides reiterated that the Philippine bilateral dialogue mechanism, including the Philippine diplomatic consultations, consular consultations, economic and Trade Cooperation Commission, annual defense and security dialogue, Agricultural Cooperation Commission and Fishery Cooperation Commission, Joint Commission on science and technology cooperation, to enhance mutual understanding, expand cooperation, strengthen partnership with important meaning Righteousness.

Six, the two heads of state agreed to maintain close high-level exchanges, through bilateral visits, calls, letters and other ways to strengthen multilateral meetings and lead the planning of bilateral relations and major regional and international issues timely communication, promote the exchange of experience in governance. Philippines reaffirmed its adherence to the one China principle.

Seven, the two sides welcome this visit to sign the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the two countries in building the one belt and one way cooperation, and welcome the cooperation initiatives such as the general plan for ASEAN interconnection in 2025 to promote regional interconnection and cooperation.

Nine, the two sides consider it necessary to strengthen medical and health cooperation. The two leaders agreed to expand exchanges and cooperation in the field of traditional medicine, medical experts and technical personnel training, public health, medical information and health management etc..

Ten, China will continue to support the government of Philippines to combat illegal drugs and drug crime efforts, is willing to strengthen cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling of precursor chemicals, information sharing, joint handling, drug rehabilitation etc.. The Philippines spoke highly of the China aided salanjiani provincial rehabilitation center completed smoothly, promote the construction of Agusang Provincial Center for drug addicts, thanked the Chinese side for donation of drug investigation test equipment and personnel training.

Eleven, the two sides strongly condemned terrorism in any form, will strengthen information exchange and capacity-building cooperation, jointly prevent and respond to the threat of terrorism. China reiterates its firm support and assistance to Philippines in combating terrorism and Malawis post-war reconstruction. The Philippine side expressed its thanks.

Twelve, the two sides agreed to strengthen law enforcement cooperation, combating crime, telecommunications fraud, illegal Internet gambling, computer crime, trafficking and endangered wild animals and plants and their products trafficking and other transnational crimes. The two sides agreed to speed up efforts to promote the contracting of the sentenced persons in the two countries.

Thirteen, the two sides spoke highly of bilateral trade cooperation, the two countries will continue to implement the six year plan for economic and trade cooperation (2017 - 2022). To promote bilateral trade and investment more use of local currency settlement, to strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in customs, promote trade facilitation.

Fourteen, China will speed up the certification process, expand import more tropical fruits and other high-quality agricultural products in Philippines, to promote bilateral trade balance.

Fifteen, the two sides will speed up the implementation of the visit Philippines Industrial Park signed a cooperation plan, to provide a good environment for the two companies to invest in each others countries.

Sixteen, the two sides agreed that infrastructure cooperation is the highlight of Sino Philippine cooperation. The two sides will promote the Red River irrigation, Manila River Bridge project Pasig completed as soon as possible, accelerate the kaliva dam, a Philippines peace period, the north-south railway south and other much-needed support for the project feasibility study, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. The two sides will actively explore the formulation of preferential loans Chinese Philippines aid implementation process, and continue to use free aid, preferential export buyers credit, the development of commercial loans, financing arrangement under the multilateral mechanisms and other services in the key infrastructure projects.

Eighteen, the two sides will be in the Philippine government Joint Commission on science and technology cooperation framework, communication, science and technology personnel experience sharing, joint research, science and technology parks, organizing seminars and training classes to carry out cooperation. The two sides also agreed to strengthen cooperation in rice research, bamboo processing, renewable energy, oil and other fields of technology transfer and cashews. The Ministry of science and technology Chinese would like to invite China to participate in the International Young Scientists Philippines Philippines outstanding plan, help to strengthen the ability construction. The two sides welcomed the twenty-first ASEAN leaders meeting: China Chinese - Science and technology innovation of ASEAN cooperation joint statement.

Nineteenth, the two sides encourage the strengthening of exchanges and cooperation in the field of information and communication, and enhance the level of communication technology and service capabilities of the two countries.

Twenty, the two sides noted that in recent years Chinese tourists to the Philippines showed substantial growth, and contribute to the economic development of Philippines. The two sides will continue to encourage their citizens to go to other countries to strengthen the development of tourism, tourism infrastructure cooperation, encourage the two airlines to open more direct flights to facilitate two-way exchanges.

21. Both sides fully affirm the important role of educational exchanges, including vocational and technical education and training, in enhancing understanding and friendship between the two countries, and encourage educational administrations and educational institutions at all levels to actively carry out practical cooperation.

China will be held from 2019 to 2021 on the basis of the original each year to provide 50 government scholarships to the Philippines China new places new. The two sides will jointly implement the visit cultural cooperation agreement signed between the two countries from 2019 to 2023 implementation plan, encourage cultural institutions and groups between the two countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

China will start the establishment of a Chinese cultural center in Philippines. The two sides support the establishment of more friendly provincial and municipal relations between the two provinces.

Twenty-two, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of labor employment, jointly implement signed in Boao in April 10, 2018 on the Philippines English language teachers to work in the formal implementation of the memorandum of understanding, welcome to Philippines English teachers work in china. Memorandum of understanding that China recognized Philippine teachers as the English teachers in the institutions of higher education qualifications and ability, and the two sides are committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of teachers in the work of the.

Twenty-three, Philippines welcomes the official establishment of the Chinese Consulate General in Dave. Based on international practice and the principle of reciprocity, the two sides will make reciprocal arrangements for bilateral diplomatic premises, especially the most pressing concerns, in the spirit of the 1975 communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Twenty-four, the two sides exchanged views on the South China Sea, the South China Sea dispute that not all the relations between the Philippines, should not affect the mutually beneficial cooperation in other fields. The two sides reaffirmed the importance of maintaining and promoting regional peace and stability and navigation and freedom of freedom in the South China Sea. Committed to according to accepted international law including the UN Charter and 1982 the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, in principle, by sovereign states directly concerned through friendly consultations and negotiations to settle the dispute in a peaceful manner, without resorting to force or threat of force.

25, both sides believe that in China and the ASEAN countries including the Philippines, under the joint efforts of the South China Sea situation is more stable. The two sides will together with other ASEAN countries, the comprehensive and effective implementation of Doc, keep the COC single consultation draft text positive momentum of consultation and strive to reach a valid criteria on the basis of consensus.

Twenty-six, the two sides agreed to maintain self-control, do not take so controversial complicate or escalate action and affect peace and stability. Both sides recognize that confidence building measures to enhance mutual trust of great significance, the importance of the South China Sea issue in certain Philippine bilateral consultation mechanism and the coast guard maritime cooperation joint committee mechanism.

The two sides agreed to maximize and strengthen the existing defense and maritime police liaison dialogue mechanism, timely response to maritime emergencies, improve relevant departments of mutual trust and confidence.

Twenty-seven, the two sides welcomed the signing of the Peoples Republic of China government and Republic of the Philippines government on the development of oil and gas cooperation memorandum of understanding, is willing to actively discuss including offshore oil and gas exploration and development, mineral resources, energy and other sustainable use of marine resources, maritime cooperation.

The two sides agreed to strengthen existing cooperation mechanisms involving the role of the sea, the implementation of relevant international maritime documents, to ensure the safety of life at sea, to strengthen the protection of the marine environment and human resources development cooperation.

Both sides agreed to work together to maintain international peace and security, the maintenance of international multilateral free trade system based on rules, promote the development of cooperation, strengthen cooperation in the UN and other international multilateral framework.

Thirty, the two sides welcomed the visit signed a series of agreements and memorandum of understanding (see Annex).

31. Both sides agreed that President Xi Jinpings visit enhanced friendship and cooperation between China and the Philippines and was a milestone in the development of Sino-Philippine relations. President Xi Jinping thanked President Duthel Te and the Philippines for their warm and friendly reception, and invited President Duthel Te to come to China in April to attend the second summit of the one belt and one road International Cooperation summit. President Duthel Te accepted the invitation cheerfully.


Signing of cooperation documents and list of awarding ceremony

I. memorandum of understanding between the government of Peoples Republic of China and the government of Republic of the Philippines on jointly promoting the construction of one belt and one road

Three. Agreement on economic and technological cooperation between the government of the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of the Philippines government.

Five. Cooperation plan between Peoples Republic of China government and Republic of the Philippines government industrial park.

Six, the Peoples Republic of China government and the government of Republic of the Philippines on the Philippines River Bridge Project aid Davao exchange

7. Exchange of Notes between the Government of the Peoples Republic of China and the Government of the Philippine Republic on the Establishment of a Project to Rehabilitate Roads and Bridges in Malawi, Philippines

Eight, the Peoples Republic of China government and the government of Republic of the Philippines on the container inspection equipment of Philippines assistance project on

Nine, Peoples Republic of China government and Republic of the Philippines government on emergency humanitarian assistance to the handover certificate

Eleven, Peoples Republic of China Republic of the Philippines Ministry of education and the Ministry of education on basic education cooperation memorandum of understanding

Twelve, Peoples Republic of China and Republic of the Philippines Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of information and communication technology on strengthening cooperation in the field of communication of the memorandum of understanding

Thirteen, Peoples Republic of China agriculture department and Republic of the Philippines rural cooperative development office on strengthening the construction of the agricultural cooperative memorandum of understanding

14 Peoples Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce and the Philippine Republic Ministry of Finance on jointly promoting the Davao key infrastructure project cooperation memorandum of understanding

Fifteen, Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and Republic of the Philippines made public on the Philippines aid bridge project feasibility study on the implementation of the agreement

Sixteen, Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and Republic of the Philippines made public aid department of highway project feasibility study on the implementation of the Philippine Davao agreement

Chinese 17, peoples Bank and the State Bank of Philippines on the establishment of the RMB clearing arrangements memorandum of cooperation

Protocol between the General Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines on Phytosanitary Requirements for Fresh Coconut Delivery to China in the Philippines

Protocol between the General Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines on Requirements for Inspection and Quarantine of Frozen Fruits Transported to China from the Philippines

Memorandum of Understanding between the National Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Peoples Republic of China and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of the Philippines on Supporting the Feasibility Study of Major Projects

Twenty-one. Memorandum of understanding on diplomatic training cooperation between China Foreign Affairs University of China and China Foreign Affairs University of Philippines

22. Agreement between the Export-Import Bank of China and the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Administration of the Republic of the Philippines on Preferential Export Buyer Credit for the Philippine Kariva Dam Project

Twenty-three. Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the issue of Panda Bonds issued in Republic of the Philippines in 2018.

Twenty-four. Business contract for the first phase of Ping An Philippines.

China Energy Construction Co., Ltd. and Manila Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Administration, Philippines New Century Water Source-Kariva Dam Project Contract Agreement

26. Framework Development Agreement between Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. of China and the Base Transformation and Development Agency of the Republic of the Philippines on the Industrial Park of China-Fiji Clark New Town

Twenty-seven. The North South Railway Line (design management consulting part) business contract.

Twenty-eight. The Central Bank of Philippines has issued certificates to representatives of the Philippines Association of Renminbi dealers.

Twenty-nine, ICBC Manila branch awarding ceremony

Duthel Te warned the United States to accept reality and not provoke China in the South China Sea military exercise.

According to CNN, Philippine President Dutter, who is attending the ASEAN series of meetings in Singapore, warned the United States and other countries that they should accept the fact that the South China Sea is already in Chinas hands in order to avoid regional tensions. He urged these countries to stop using military activities to provoke China.